CentOS builds git server and client

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The CentOS build git needs to set up remote server and client. Remote code resides on the server side, and multiple clients can share and maintain service-side code.

First, server-side host

1. Create SSH, most of which are installed by default and have SSH skipped

Yum Install Openssh-server-y

2. Install git

Yum-y Install Git-core

3.1 Creating a Git user

Useradd git

3.2 Setting a password

passwd git

4. Git User Login

Su git

5. Initializing the server-side warehouse

Git init-–bare web.code.git

Web.code.git for the library name

Assume that the server IP is,git service address is: [E-mail Protected]:/home/git/web.code.git

The server is OK.

Second, the client computer

1. Install git

2. Cloning server-side repositories

git clone [email protected]:/home/git/web.code.git web.code

Clone the server-side warehouse and place it in the local directory Web.code.

3. Basic Configuration

git config--global user.mail "[Email protected]"

git config--global user.name "user_name"

4. Now it's ready to use.

The default is only the Master branch. We can create our own branches, create files, submit files, merge branches, and submit them to the server.

CentOS builds git server and client

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