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CentOS 6.4 is the latest Linux server operating system, running PHP running environment, Linux is kingly, 6.4 out. The speed is already very fast.

Here PC6 Small series specially organized the next installation tutorial, there is a picture of the truth, at a glance, to facilitate the needs of friends.

1, first of all, to have a CentOS 6.4 installation media, no words can be downloaded in the PC6 site (with seeds and address)

Interface Description:

Install or upgrade an existing system to install or upgrade existing systems

Basic graphics drivers for install system with basic video driver during installation

Rescue installed system to enter Systems Repair mode

Boot from local drive exit install boot from hard drive

Memory Test Memory Test

Note: Using Lenovo E49 Installation when the first installation will appear when the screen appears abnormal problems, and then use the second installation when the problem does not occur

2, the media directly "skip" on it

3, the appearance of the Guide interface, click "Next"

4, select "Chinese" (Chinese), otherwise there will be some garbled problem

5, the keyboard layout select "U.s.english"

6, select "Basic Storage devies" click "Next"

7, ask whether to ignore all the data, the new computer installation system Select "Yes,discard any data"

8, hostname fill in the format "English name. Last Name"

9, network setup diagram sequence Click on the installation can be

10. Time zone can be clicked on the map, select "Shanghai" and cancel the check in front of system clock uses UTC

11, set the password of the root

12, the hard disk partition, must follow the diagram point selection

13, adjust the partition, must have/home this partition, if not this partition, install some software will appear can not install the problem

14, ask if the format of the partition

15. Write changes to the hard drive

16. Boot Program Installation location

17, the most important step, is also the most shutdown of this tutorial step, but also other tutorials did not mention a step, in the order of the diagram click

18, cancel all the options below


Base System


and make the following settings for desktops

The following option is canceled:

Desktop Debugging and Performance Tools

Desktop Platform

Remote Desktop Clients

Only ibus-pinyin-1.3.8-1.el6.x86_64 are retained in the Input methods, all others are canceled

19, select Languages, and select the right Chinese support then click on the red area

20, after the adjustment is completed as shown in the following figure

21. At this point, a most streamlined desktop environment is set up,

22, installation complete, restart

23, after the restart, the license information

24. Create User

Username: Fill in your English name (without. Last name)

Full name: Fill in your English name. Last name (first letter)

25, "Date and Time" selected "Synchronize data and time over the network"

System will reboot after Finsh

26. First login, do not make any changes before login, this is very important!!! Exit immediately after Login

Second login, select language, select the lower triangle in the red area, choose Other, select "Chinese (China)"

27, after the login, please be sure to follow the following sequence of clicks!

At this point, CentOS installation completed, if there are other problems, please feel free to contact me!!

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple computer Tutorials Section

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