"Change" and "unchanged" of wireless Marketing"

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Wireless marketing, as a new marketing method, has attracted more and more attention. As a phantom media team that has been studying wireless marketing, she is constantly exploring the development of wireless marketing and her future.

I think wireless marketing must grasp two points: one is "unchanged", because it is the core of wireless marketing; the other is "changed" because wireless marketing will inevitably follow the technical updates, and become more interesting.

"Unchanged" of wireless marketing-database marketing as the core

In fact, no matter what the marketing method we talk about is: Relationship Marketing, mobile marketing, or direct marketing, the principle is the same, that is, to make the marketing business data, it is also called database marketing. We often talk about it using numbers. With the rich communication methods, more and more database marketing methods are available. Early database marketing was based on surveys and surveys. For example, many companies in the Early Stage conducted surveys on enterprise products and obtained some information. In this basic data analysis, the direct advertising of DM is used to transmit marketing information. Later, with the appearance of more and more telephone, fax, email, text message, and WAP methods, data marketing became more and more important.
The early emergence of database marketing was as a means, and is currently a mainstream Precision Marketing Method, mainly determined by the market environment. The customer's requirements for us have risen from simple requirements for functionality and quality to their feelings, that is, it is often said that money is hard to buy. In this context, the dominant relationship of the entire business begins to change. In the past, brands and products dominated the business and customer needs dominated the business.

Up to now, any business has changed from a target object to a potential customer, to a possibility of buying, to an order, and then purchasing. This is the customer's life cycle, our business work is to promote the occurrence and development of the customer's life cycle. The marketing work is to find the target customer and cultivate it into a sales opportunity, that is, the goal of marketing evaluation has changed, it becomes the ability of customers to acquire and cultivate. Precision Marketing is a revolutionary concept and method under such circumstances. Therefore, Precision Marketing is not a new way of advertising, or a new way of communication, not to use new media or methods, but how can enterprises acquire and cultivate customers.

It is the unique characteristics of mobile phone numbers for wireless marketing that correspond to users, making the database marketing philosophy the core value of wireless Marketing:

Wireless marketing is based on mobile phone numbers and mobile phone-based personal exclusive, so users and people correspond to each other;
Mobile phone numbers have a certain degree of stability. Users generally do not change their mobile phones frequently, so that the relationship persists;
Mobile phone numbers can be analyzed to a certain extent. Because users' mobile phones have the characteristics of brands, regions, and mobile phone models, they have more browser behavior, ad clicks, and other multi-dimensional information for accessing users through the Internet, make the mobile phone number contain a large amount of information;
The accessibility of mobile phone numbers makes interaction with users more convenient, so that more information can be obtained through interaction;

Therefore, the core value of wireless marketing is to accumulate and update databases everywhere. Only a large and real user database is available and effective analysis based on this database is the basis for ineffective marketing.

"Change" of wireless marketing-integrate multiple wireless technical means and platforms;

Wireless marketing technology continues to develop at any time, from the early single delivery mode to WAP advertisements, mobile games, and CRBT advertisements, as 3G approaches, we believe that video advertisements and incoming video playback will all be the trend of the future. These forms fully reflect the characteristics of wireless Marketing:

Direct arrival and high attention: when a text message comes, you cannot skip it. When you call someone else and meet the other party's advertisement ring tones, you cannot skip it;
Anytime, anywhere: Mobile Phone portability and personal expertise. There are a lot of users starting 24 hours a day, even when they are on vacation, they need to wait;
Wonderful Interaction: mobile games, SMS, MMS, QR code, WAP games, and other applications;

Different interaction modes are combined based on different stages of marketing:

Pre-Sales Marketing: Wireless targeted advertising, brand wireless websites
On-Sale Marketing: SMS interactive marketing, SMS lottery, electronic coupons, TV program interaction, website interaction, QR code application
After-sales marketing: Wireless CRM and embedded SDK

Different interaction modes are combined based on different advertisements. for high-end business users, text message targeting is simple and practical. For young and fashionable users, embedded mobile games can be used. For example, a new beverage launched by Pepsi is effective communication through mobile games. Before the successful cooperation, metrichen technology and P & G held several activities in Beijing Hualian supermarket and Watson store in different parts of the country, using the simplest text message method for points and lucky draws, it is also determined by the user characteristics of their respective product lines. According to the positioning of different customers and the use of different wireless marketing methods, this is a permanent topic of wireless marketing. Her diversity also reflects the charm of wireless marketing.

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