Chapter 2 Song zhengzheng is suffering from the troubles of Qi Gong Lian ke song zhengzhen Dongfang

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The rise of the nation of the Communist Party of China means changing the balance between the national strength of the Communist Party of China and the neighboring countries. However, we know that at any time, whether it is a person or a country, to gain more say and influence means to reduce the say and influence of other countries or others. This is undoubtedly a difficult task at the beginning, therefore, even if the strength of the Qi nation is indeed very powerful, it is obviously not easy to make countries suddenly willing to abide by the international order set by the Qi nation from the very beginning of a month, just as the rise of China has made many countries uneasy and unhappy today, the rise of Qi has also made other countries unhappy. Song is one of them.
Song Guo is a great power in the Spring and Autumn dynasties. As mentioned above, Song Guojun is even better than Qi Guojun in his title. After Song's self-reliance, he has been trying to become a super power, but there is always no way to achieve the expected impact. In fact, this is related to the internal and external environment of the Song Dynasty. Throughout the Spring and Autumn Period, several powerful countries have similar similarities:
Large land, large population, strong economic strength;
It is located in one corner and has a natural security barrier in a geographical location, so you don't have to be distracted;
There are not many large Powers around;
There were no other equally powerful countries as competitors;
Let's analyze the situation of the Song Dynasty: although the Song dynasty in the early spring and autumn is a big country, it can only be listed in the camp of second-stream power, just like Zheng Guo and Wei Guo. The land area is not small, there is a lack of strategic depth. Although Song's population is dense, there are not many questions about the population. The country is located in the plain, and there is no danger to keep it around. the surrounding area is adjacent to those large countries such as Qi, Lu and Zheng; however, the heavy ritual tradition of the Song Dynasty has led to a lack of flexibility in military ideology. what's even more unfortunate is that, although many of the country's kings of the Song Dynasty have a great ambition, however, he has met more powerful figures such as Zheng Zhuanggong, Qi xianggong, and Qi zhenggong. All these figures make it difficult for song to become a real super power, therefore, in reality, song can only adopt an alliance strategy with large countries. In the history of the Song Dynasty, the Song dynasty has always adopted a foreign policy of "associating with the Qi and turning evil with the Lu". However, whether it is the northern apricot League or the Ke Zhi league, the practices of the leading brother Qi made song quite uncomfortable. In particular, Qi, the leader of KE zhimeng, pulled Lu, the rival of the Song Dynasty, into his camp. Song zhenggong was quite dissatisfied, he decided to abandon the policy of establishing an alliance with the Qi State and stop looking at the Qi State's face. Let's look at the state of song from today's point of view. It can be said that the state of song does not intend to act in accordance with the rules set by the great powers, but is on its own. This will obviously make an attempt to develop an orderly state of Qi.
In the year when the Soviet Union formed an alliance with the Soviet Union, Song zhenggong suddenly launched troops to attack the Soviet Union. Although the Soviet Union was a small country, it had a lineage recognized by the countries at that time as distinguished, this country is a small country established in yongqiu by descendants of Zhou Wang's sub-mails Xia Yu. Although the country is small, but because the descendants of Xia Yu are deeply respected by all countries, this small country is also safe and carefree, but did not expect the Song Dynasty Congress to launch the idea of the country. Song zhenggong was already angry with Qi when he left the North apricot league. Because Song was always a great power, he did not take any force measures to punish song. Now, song went against the covenant of the award-winning royal family, helping the weak and the weak, and sought to find a small country that did not do anything wrong. This completely angered Qi Gong. He decided to seek troops to fight the Song state, however, the team had some concerns, so they sought to discuss with them.
Qi zhenggong said to Guan Zhong, "The Song Dynasty is in violation of the North apricot League and aggression against the country. I want to fight for it, but I am worried that other countries may assist it, but the country is a descendant of the great monarch, I cannot help, so I decided to send troops. What do I think of Yi Wu?" Although Guan Zhong is expected to do a great job on Qi zhenggong's platform, he is fond of moral education and does not like to fight by force. As long as there is a possibility of a peaceful solution, he would not consider using force, so he aligned with Gong and said, "I don't think so. Now we have not yet taken military actions, and our country has not yet reached the level of convincing all countries, I am afraid that it is not convincing other countries to fight against the Song Dynasty under the banner of "Xingyi." Qi zhenggong is an impatient individual. He said, "But now, if you don't save the country, you will miss the time. I am afraid it will be difficult to find a reason to fight for the country again in the future ." Guan Zhongjian, Qi zhenggong, was eager to launch troops and began his long story again. "A gentleman of the princes should not be greedy for the land. Otherwise, he will be diligent in providing troops, if the people are sleepy and do not want to sell their lives for the monarch, the monarch will have to commit fraud to the people. If such fraud is well concealed, it can still defeat the opponent, but sooner or later it will be known to the people that lose trust in the people, if the trust of the people is lost, civil chaos will occur, and the regime of the monarch will be unstable. Therefore, the ancients followed the rule of the first king, and the countries do not compete in the military." We sum up this section of Guan Zhong, which just shows that he is a political party. He does not participate in an arms race and frequent military operations for the sake of strength, but develops the domestic economy, expanding the strength of the country naturally leads to the great business of Qi's hegemony. This is a "humble" strategy. It is not a correct idea of the rise of a great power, but for the acute Qi Gong, apparently, he does not want to wait until all countries automatically acknowledge the status of Qi's Overlord. He also knows that Qi's current situation is not enough to support Qi's attacks. Therefore, according to Guan Zhong, some don't know how it works. He asked Guan Zhong if he had any suggestions. Guan zhong's suggestion was interesting. He said, "It is better for the primary Minister to send a petition to the Song state. If the negotiation fails, our country can take over the overlord and give it to the land for resettlement ." Qi zhenggong did not agree on this solution, but he could not find a better solution and asked Bao Shuya for his opinion. He also did not have a better solution. He suggested Qi Gong follow the advice of Guan Zhong, qi zhenggong sent the doctor Cao sunsu to discuss with Song Guo. Song zhenggong has been paying attention to ignoring Qi Guo's own work and does not listen to persuasion at all. He insisted on using troops in the country.
In the spring of the second year (680 BC), Song zhenggong's failure to give his face annoyed Qi zhenggong. In order to strengthen the justice of this request, he joined CaO and Chen in cutting down the Song dynasty, qi zhenggong also requested to send troops to the Zhou royal family. Zhou Wang is a Communist party of the world. If Zhou Wangdu is willing to send troops to participate, he would naturally turn Qi's expedition into a legitimate action, song will be passive in public opinion, and it is difficult for other countries to send troops to support song. This is the first time that Qi has used the Zhou royal family to add justice and justice to his military operations. After consideration for a long time, Wang Zhou finally decided to favor Qi, so he sent a minister, Shan Bo, to lead the army to join song with the Three Kingdoms of Qi Chen and Cao, the coalition forces have already entered the suburbs of the Song Dynasty.
Although he had a tough attitude before, Song was still smart and sober when the troops from all over the world fell short, knowing that the battle against Qi, Chen, CaO, and the allied forces of the Three Kingdoms and the Royal Army of the last week had only a failed ending, he sent troops to the coalition and re-joined the Alliance camp of the Soviet Union, qi zhenggong is most happy to see the result of not fighting but bending the soldiers of man. He sees that the purpose has been achieved, so I withdrew the troops (see "" for this description).
Qi zhenggong is not satisfied with this. In the winter of this year, he called again the meeting of various countries in Qi on the pretext of Song's return to service. Even though there are not many waiting cases in the song, Zheng, and Wei provinces that came to the Conference this time, the quality is high and they are all influential countries. What surprised Qi Gong is that, the Zhou royal family sent a minister, Shan Bo, to attend the event. This gave him a surprise. He planned to use this Alliance to develop a favorable covenant for alignment, however, when the representatives of the Zhou Royal Family attended the meeting, some of the contents could not be put on the table. Naturally, some substantive negotiations could not be conducted, but it was impossible to make a meeting result, so at this meeting, we came up with a Covenant like "getting old, getting sick, and getting lonely". In the spring and autumn of countless League meetings, it is quite unique to hold an international conference on charity, but it is hard to understand the presence of the representatives of the Zhou royal family. However, if we leave the current political situation to look at this Covenant, it is a question worth pondering today, whether it is true or false, at that time, the country looked at the social disadvantaged groups as a reference.
After the Covenant was reached, the representative of the Zhou royal family, Shan Bo, went back to his life, but the other princes did not return to the country. Instead, they continued their meetings in the spring of the second year (679 BC, now that the representatives of the Zhou royal family are absent, Qi zhenggong will turn the theme of the meeting into an international economic conference. The theme of the meeting is to reduce tariffs, at the same time, the assignment of land and rent in China is unified. In fact, for Qi, the most important thing is the implementation of a Low-tariff agreement. Qi is a great industrial and commercial power, with strong exports, it would naturally be advantageous for the Qi country to reduce their tariffs. They would naturally not agree to such measures to protect their own economy, but because of the strength of the Qi country, in the end, we still passed the "five for a hundred lease instances, two for a hundred city subscriptions, and one for a hundred subscriptions, the Covenant of the mother lacks the means of understanding (This section is described in "Zuo Chuan" Zhuang gong for 14 years ). Because the substantive beneficiaries of this Covenant are Qi, the historian sees the spring of the year as the beginning of Qi's true hegemony.
The history of China is basically a history that focuses on farming and commerce, but the Qi State in the political period of Princess Qi is an exception. Here, we can see that this is an alternative of China that has been around for more than two thousand six hundred years, for example, when opening an international conference to promote free trade and implement an open foreign policy, what would happen to Chinese civilization if China's history was written in such a way?
-After the meeting, the various kingdoms did not end their battles with the Big Brother Qi. In the fall of this year, Song's vassal state has betrayed the Song dynasty. Song zhenggong was asked to take the initiative to take charge of the expedition because he had been attacked by the army, qi zhenggong command the army of the song and the Sichuan States to cut the border as overlord. However, in the battle of the Soviet Union, Zheng jicang attacked the Soviet Union while fighting for the emptiness in China. Why did Zheng attack song as an ally?
It turns out that the international relations between Song and his country are not very good. Apart from the tense relations with Lu, song and Zheng are also enemies of the world. After Zheng Zhuanggong's death, Song joined Zheng's internal affairs and forcibly sent the ransomware from Song to Zheng guoweijun, later, Zheng zhenggong was dissatisfied with Song Zhuanggong's endless bribery, and the two countries met each other. Later, Zheng Zhengguo's coup, Zheng ligong was overturned and Zheng zhaogong reset, song switched to support Zheng ligong, who occupied the city of oak. Song Zhuanggong also contacted Qi, Lu, Wei, Chen and other countries to help Zheng ligong reset, but failed, therefore, Song sent troops to help Zheng Li Gong according to Song Qi Yi, which made Zheng Zhao Gong and the two later on-the-fly countries dare not send troops to Qi Yi. In the spring of 680 BC (that is, when Song zhenggong's army defeated song Guo), Zheng ligong's army attacked Zheng Guo's capital and detained Fu Yu, a doctor of Zheng Guo, in daling, fu Yu said to Zheng ligong, "if you let me go, I will help you back up for the King." Zheng ligong then entered into a covenant with Fu Yu, and then put Fu Yu, fu Yi did not say anything. In June of this year, he killed Zheng Junyi and his two sons, and met Zheng ligong.
Zheng ligong is a talented Guojun after Zheng Zhuanggong in the history of Zheng Guo. When he reset his mind, he immediately killed Fu Yi, who betrayed his throne, not only does he not appreciate Song's help, but he does not hate song's interference in Zheng's internal affairs. He is afraid that song will make another bet and then takes the initiative to launch an attack, in this way, he is not an enemy who forgets Zheng and song, indicating that he will never harm Zheng's national interests because of the help of song.
Song Guo was already doing his best to cut down the region. Zheng's sudden intrusion made song Guo unprepared, so he had to give up the plan to cut down the region and return to the Division for help, of course, Song zhenggong did not forget to request the leader Qi zhenggong to preside over justice to help song to deal with the betrayal of the Covenant.
Qi zhenggong was just beginning to experience the sense of accomplishment of being a Overlord. He could not tolerate such a situation between the Allies. So in the summer of 678 BC, Qi joined forces from the United States and the Three Kingdoms to fight Zheng Guo, with the support of Qi, Zheng ligong dared not to resist and had to sum up to the coalition forces. Therefore, Qi did not fight again to defeat the soldiers of the Army. Both of them achieved their purpose and did not lose their own strength.
We analyzed the strategies taken by Qi Gong in the several military operations that dominated the great business. None of them joined the Allied Forces and rarely went alone. This had little to do with Qi's army at that time, but more importantly, this method is more suitable for the dominant situation in the early spring and autumn periods. On the one hand, it can empower its own actions with justice, and on the other hand, it can concentrate on the advantages of troops to ensure sufficient deterrence, minimizing the loss can also reduce the burden on the country.
After two successive battles, the enemy defeated us, greatly boosting Qi's passion for hegemony. In, qi summoned guo jun from Song, Chen, Wei, Zheng, Xu, skating, and Teng to hold a meeting in the quiet place of song. Although Lu Zhuanggong did not attend the meeting in person, he also sent a representative, this is the largest Alliance meeting in the early days of the Communist Party of China. From this alliance, the princes of the East are basically under the banner of the Communist Party of China. Although several of the major countries are still convinced, however, at least in form, the status of the Alliance's main country has been recognized, and Qi zhenggong's hegemony has now reached a new stage.
At this alliance meeting, Qi asked all countries to sign a "road repair, traffic measurement, a" Number ", and a" traffic ban "(see ). to facilitate commercial trade exchanges between countries. This Covenant was signed with the land-based Covenant to open up the commercial doors of various countries and allow Qi's commodities to smoothly enter the markets of various countries. Of course, it is also objectively beneficial to trade exchanges between countries. We analyze the contents of this Covenant, that is, to require countries to unify the balance and currency, which is more than four hundred years earlier than Qin Shihuang's taking similar measures, taking into account the strategy of shutting down the country after more than two thousand years, we can see how great an opportunity Qi has had to change the history of China. Unfortunately, the last poor history is history and there is no way to change it, later in this article, we will discuss why Qi did not ultimately lead China's historical process.

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