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Re-picking the second day of the use of digital tube (dynamic scanning digital tube)

What is the function we want to achieve?From the first digital tube scanning 1 to the second digital Tube 2, a third digital tube 3, .... Until the 8th Digital tube Display 81 /* Name: Digital Tube Dynamic Scan3 written

Longitudinal PnP tube and transverse PnP tube

The PNP tube on the IC has two longitudinal and transverse types:The longitudinal PnP tube is also called the substrate tube, due to the structural relationship of the internal carrier along the longitudinal movement. The characteristic of this tube is that the base-area width of the

The study of analog I²C protocol the transistor, field effect tube, field effect tube drain gate open circuit

transistor is divided into two types of NPN and PNP type, except the power supply polarity of the different working principle is roughly the same. For the NPN tube, it is composed of 2 N-type semiconductor sandwiched a P-type semiconductor, the emission zone and the formation of the PN Junction between the base region is called the transmission junction, and the Collector zone and the base region formed by the PN Junction is called the junction, three

Inspection and repair of damage of monitor row tube

Row tube Damage is the most common problem in the maintenance of the display, and repeated bad pipe is a headache, so what is the root cause of the problem? In this article, I will explore and summarize the problem in the maintenance practice. In general, there are several reasons for the damage of the line tube: 1. The quality of the pipe has unforeseen defects, the use of natural damage. 2. The capacity

Universal K song How to sing the song of Universal K song Ensemble tutorial

We need to download the latest version of the Universal K song on it, the specific operation details as shown below, I hope this article can help everyone oh. The Universal K song how the duet Song 1, in the mobile phone we open "Universal K song" and then find a song t

Chapter 2 Song zhengzheng is suffering from the troubles of Qi Gong Lian ke song zhengzhen Dongfang

The rise of the nation of the Communist Party of China means changing the balance between the national strength of the Communist Party of China and the neighboring countries. However, we know that at any time, whether it is a person or a country, to gain more say and influence means to reduce the say and influence of other countries or others. This is undoubtedly a difficult task at the beginning, therefore, even if the strength of the Qi nation is indeed very powerful, it is obviously not easy

Various MOS tube Introduction

MoS Tube Learning in the actual project, we basically use the enhanced MOS tube, divided into N-channel and P-Channel two kinds. We often use nmos because of its low on-resistance and easy to manufacture. As can be seen on the MOS schematic, there is a parasitic diode between the drain electrode and the source. This is called a body diode, which is important in driving inductive loads such as motors. Inc

Beginners to make vmos field effect tube small amplifier

VMOs Field effect tube has the advantages of both the electron tube and the advantages of transistors, the power amplifier made with it sound mellow, sweet, dynamic range, frequency response is good, so in recent years in the audio equipment has been widely used.    High-power field-effect tube power amplifier, electric. The road is more complex, the production a

My FPGA Learning Journey (10)--Experimental digital tube driver

According to the Black Gold AX301 Manual, the digital tube position selected signal is named sel[5:0], wherein SEL[5] corresponds to the leftmost digital tube, and sel[0] corresponds to the right-most digital tube, as a convention, in the following description we call the digital tube 5 and digital

Measurement of transistor and MOS tube with digital multimeter

The following is the structure of the transistor and the various identification methods in the circuit diagram When the multimeter is measured against the transistor (buzzer), we first determine which foot is the B-pole. With a red pen touch any one of the feet, the black pen to contact the other two feet, if you can measure the two groups of similar and less than 1 of the number, indicating that the Red pen contact is the B pole. If the two sets of numbers are not similar, it means that the

[Serialization] [FPGA black gold Development Board] those issues in the FPGA-digital tube circuit drive (8)

Disclaimer: This article is an original work and copyright belongs to akuei2 and heijin power Community (Http:// All together, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source 3.1 experiment 7: digital tube circuit drive If you have studied single-chip microcomputer, do you know more or less about digital tubes? I will not repeat these basic knowledge, because there is already a lot of such informati

Transistor material, tube type and polarity judgment

If the measured amplification circuit of several transistors three pin to ground point U1.U2.U3 are the following values, try to determine whether they are silicon tube or germanium tube, is NPN or PnP tube. and determine three electrodes of 1. u1=2.5v. u2=6v. u3=1.8v 2. u1=-6v. U2=-3v. u3=-2.8v I would like to draw up a detailed answer procedure. A: (authoritat

Letter Tube Examination Documentary

deaf. Causeswhen the Teachers ' Day party, read the students talk about a one-time pass through the letter tube exam matters, ask its secret, determined to Tiger, in the 9.24 days of the deadline hastily register. It is about a few days from the soft test day . Secret1, Baidu: Understand the Information System Manager examination, the examination form, test time, examination subjects, examination scope, test questions and review tutorials and other b

Digital tube Display using STM32 serial interrupt

In order to make this experiment more obvious, I will use the serial interrupt, in the interrupt service program to read the serial number input, and then display the value on the digital tube. First, the digital tube configuration Before carrying out this experiment, we need to use the digital tube for the display of the experimental results, first of all, we re

Mf work-C # digital tube and dancing with the horse and lanterns (video)

. This involves a very sad thing: when you control the light position and prepare to control the output of ten digits, A single digit will go out, because ten digits are selected for the selected foot. If you select a single digit at the same time, only the same number as the ten digits will be placed, because the same segment of different numbers share the same pin ! what should I do ?? Some people think that there is a problem with the design of the digital

What are the tricks behind the mos tube fever?

Power supply design, or driving circuit, it is inevitable to use the field effect tube, that is, what people often sayMos. Mos have many types and functions. For power supply or driver use, of course, it is to use its switch function. Regardless of the n-type or p-type MOs, the working principle is essentially the same. Mos are the voltage added to the gate at the input end to control the leakage current at the output end. Mos are voltage controlle

Enhanced P-Channel MOS tube (e.g. SI2333DS) switching conditions

enhanced P-Channel MOS tube (e.g. SI2333DS) switching conditions when used as a switch, the PMOs tube is controlled by the VGS voltage value to control the continuity between S (source) and D (drain drain). the minimum threshold voltage for the VGS is 0.4v, which means that the source and drain electrodes are on when the S (source) voltage-G (Gate gate) Pole > 0.4V. and VS = Vd, the S-pole voltage is eq

3 states of objects in Hibernate: Transient state, persistent state, and off-tube state

There are 3 types of Hibernate objects: Transient (Transient), persistent (persistent), and off-state (Detached). Objects that are in persistent state are also known as PO (Persistence object), and instantaneous and de-tube objects are also known as VO (Value object).1. Instantaneous stateA Java object that opens up memory space by the new command,For example: Thinksoar Thinksoar = new Thinksoar ("name", "Brother side");If the object is not referenced

P-Channel MOS tube as the condition of the switch (GS >gs (TH))

P Channel MOS transistor as a switch, the gate source of the threshold is -0.4v, when the voltage difference of the gate source is -0.4v will make DS conduction, if S is 2.8v,g to 1.8V, then Gs=-1v,mos tube conduction, D is 2.8V If S is 2.8v,g to 2.8V,VGSW Then the MoS tube is not conduction, D is 0V, So, if 2.8V is connected to S, the MoS Tong is powering the system, and the system is connected to D, us

How to use a multimeter to identify the transistor's tube type and pin

Original address:: Http:// Related web Posts 1. Transistor tube type and pin identification is an electronic technology beginner's basic skills, in order to help readers quickly grasp the method of testing, the author summed up four formulas: "Three upside down, find the base pole; Pn Junction, fixed tube type, straight a

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