Chen Yizhou: You must do what you are interested in starting a business

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June 13, thousands of Oak Group CEO Chen A boat, held a speech in South China Normal University, and warned the contemporary students to start a business must do their own interest in things.

Chen Yizhou will own the experience and experience of entrepreneurship, with the students here to share, and to answer the students on the "entrepreneurship" raised questions. It is reported that Chen a boat in South China Normal University, "talk about entrepreneurial life, decipher the financing miracle" speech, is his this year's National campus speech of the second stop. The first stop is at Tsinghua University.

Chen Yizhou based on the site students most concerned about entrepreneurial issues to give lectures, to the students put forward four suggestions: one is to do their own interest, there is enthusiasm, the second is to focus on, the third is to be good at using failure to learn how to succeed, four is to have foresight and sagacity.

Chen Yizhou said: "Now is the network Information Age, college students contact and know more things than we did." Their ideas are also very new and sharp. ”

Thousand Oak Interactive has the nation's first interactive community "School Net", Chen Yizhou firmly believe that the student market also contains a greater potential: "Because we have the youngest, most energetic and dynamic users." ”

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