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"Android Question" What is the difference between starting another activity in an activity and starting an activity in the service?

In activity, you can start another activity directly using intent.Explicit Intent Intent = new Intent (context, Activity.class)Implicit Intent Intent = new Intent ("Com.aa.www.act");StartActivity (Intent);If you start the activity in the same way from the service, you will get an error:Android.util.AndroidRuntimeException:Calling startactivity () from outside of an Activity context requires the FLAGAC TivityNEWTASK flag. Is this really what do you wan

Linux must command---is also previously recorded, CTRL + Z FG What jobs more practical

execute the kill PIDTermination of the foreground process:CTRL + COther effects of KillIn addition to terminating the process, kill can also send other signals to the process, using kill-l to see the signals that kill supports.Sigterm is the signal that kill sends without parameters, meaning that the process terminates, but execution depends on whether the process supports it. If the process has not been terminated, you can use the Kill-sigkill PID, which is the kernel to terminate the process

What jobs will be replaced by big data?

Big Data What jobs will be replaced? The development of the Internet has made many industries encounter Waterloo, many practitioners who do not understand the Internet era, after the wave of the tide, after the exit of the competition seats. As a matter of view, we see newspapers closed, department stores closed, travel agencies beyond the ends.However, the development of technology will not be due to the d

What is object-oriented programming--quora answered by vote7.3k (from Steve Jobs)

Here, in the excerpt from a 1994 rolling Stone interview, Jobs explains what object-oriented programming is.Jeff Goodell:Would explain, in simple terms, exactly what object-oriented software are?Steve Jobs:Objects is like people. They ' re living, breathing things that has knowledge inside them about what to do things

What kind of career to find jobs

. Beijing Pet Beauty School as a flagship pet Beauty Academy, its pet beauty education is famous at home and abroad. The school has standard integration ladder classroom, modern training hall, scene teaching simulation Pet shop modern facilities, DIY integrated pet beauty Training classroom for students to learn and train.2. Strong teachers, professional masters hand-in-hand tutoring teaching, vocational education schools according to their aptitude, using the combination of theory and practice,

They say Python can't find a job? So what are these jobs? 0 Basic Crawl Intelligence!

the driver at all, start writing code ...The above is the setting path and the final data written to Excel file to pave the wayResult11=[]Result21=[]Result31=[]Result41=[]Result51=[]Set up five empty lists put the final message I want to catchThere is no Chinese ah, copy out to visit to see.Sure as it is!!!Notice that there is a p=1 at the end of this URL, which is probably the page number, I'll try it for 5.Look, sure enough, I'll try the last 90th pageRange (1,91) loops through the 1~90 page,

What will a person lose after starting work?

, you can never lose yourself. But when you graduate, you 'd better fold the corners and carefully observe how your company works. In other words, you can make a claim, but you must first qualify for the claim. This is what a person loses after starting his work. You can call it freedom or self. But adults are uncomfortable. This is indeed the cost of growth. What

"Starting from 0 to learn Java" 1. What are the aspects of object-oriented features

+q325957484 can receive learning videos1. What are the aspects of object-oriented features1.Java Basic training, starting from 0 to learn Java: abstractionAbstraction is about ignoring aspects of a topic that are not related to the current goal, so that you can more fully focus on the aspects that are relevant to the current goal. Abstractions do not intend to understand all of the problems, but simply sele

If I could go back to five years ago, I would tell you what's the reason for starting your own business?

Editor's note: Ben Dixon, a ruby/android developer, develops and operates a geek. He was the founder of reliably deploying Rails applications and created makeitwithcode.com, a Web site that teaches non-developers to create useful things through code. A few days ago, he did an interesting thing: If I could go back to five years ago, I would tell you what's the reason for starting your own business? Ben Dixon summed up these, and we made e

Why are the arrays in most programming languages counted from 0, and what are the benefits of counting starting from 1?

the condition (2) are considered, there are two ways to describe the upper and lower bounds: 1 Translated from Quora Travis Addair ' s answer to what do array indices start with 0 (zero) in many programming languages? But it feels a little bit wrong to finish translating. It is not a different thing to describe the interval (the set of real numbers judged by maximum and minimum values) and the array elements in the description program language .

Replay eygle's example in the speech at the Oracle conference to see what is the master's starting point and face, replay eygle

Replay eygle's example in the speech at the Oracle conference to see what is the master's starting point and face, replay eygle In his speech at the just-concluded Oracle conference, the company demonstrated the optimization of vertices and surfaces through a simple UPDATE statement, what is the knowledge coverage of points and surfaces? It is not about how to op

What self-starting services do I need to keep after Linux installation?

As with Windows, Linux servers run with useless software services by default, which consumes a lot of system resources and has security implications, so it is generally recommended to shut down. So, what do Linux hosts need to boot from at work?After the Linux system is installed, it is necessary to keep the boot service with 5:? SSHD: The remote connection to the Linux server is used, so it must be turned on, otherwise it will not be able to provide

Java_exception starting filter struts2 what to do

1 Make sure that you have these two files in your project and that none is imported2 if not, and you set up the Struts development mode , and your Tomcat path has spaces, most of the time is the reason for program file, you need to reinstall Tomcat. As long as the Tomcat installation path does not have spaces, then redeployment will resolve.Note that the so-called re-installation, Just copy to a new directory (we know that the manual start Tomcat is this startup.bat file, generally nothing will

Ning zhenbo issued a coupon on behalf of the bank. What is the starting Number of the stock?

What is the starting Number of the stock on behalf of Ningbo invoice? [13538017315 Mr. Dai QQ2016771784], unified industry and business. In the first half of this year, the inventory and transaction volume of the property market increased, the project sales cycle extended, and the turnover slowed down, leading to the soaring financial costs of real estate enterprises. Editor's note: property buyers general

What to do if the JRE is not found when starting WebLogic (if you change the JDK on WebLogic)

The JRE is not a found in directory c:\progra~1\java\jdk1.6.0_20. (Java_home)Please edit your environment and set the Java_homevariable to the root directory of your Java installation.Please press any key to continue ...When you see this field when you start WebLogic, it means WebLogic can't find and access your JDK. If you already have a JDK installed, then you need to do the following:You need to modify the setdomainenv.cmd file in domain to modify the sun_java_home and Java_home to the instal

TwinCAT (Balford Beckhoff) Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)-Click the Run button to enter the operation status error error starting TwinCAT system what to do AdsWarning1823

General tips are as follows?Click Device, and then select the network card that is currently connected to?Generally due to the reinstallation of the system, did not have to be realtime capable equipment installed, so can not find the support EtherCAT device caused, only need to reinstall the supported network card, if still not, delete the original swept out of the device, re-scan???For more instructional videos and downloads, please pay attention to the following information:My Youku Space:Http

What about the Win7 system not starting Windows Media Center?

What about the Win7 system not starting Windows Media Center? Operation Steps: 1, click the Start menu, click the "Control Panel"; 2, the Control Panel to view the way to "category", click the following "Uninstall"; 3, click "Turn on or off Windows function"; 4, find "media features" in the "Windows Features" interface, expand it, then remove the check in front of Windows Media Center, click OK

What about using the Go language to develop a large MMORPG game server? (Very stable, catch all exceptions, great for starting from scratch, but big companies already have a ready-made C + + framework, so they won't be used)

What about using the Go language to develop a large MMORPG game server?What are the pros and cons of a C socket server? What's the feasibility?From 2013 onwards, by friends recommended to start using Golang to write game landing server, with C + + to do third-party platform verification. To write the Standalone Tool Guide Table tool Github-davyxu/tabtoy: cross-platform high-performance convenient spreadshee

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