Choshun: Brand Management innovation

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Choshun: Brand Management innovation

management is the guarantee of brand creation and the lifeline of brand innovation.
brand Innovation is a complicated economic system engineering, including product, organization, technology, value, culture and so on, it involves the procedure and application of brand management activities. Management is not only higher than these activities, but also wrapped in these activities, throughout the whole process of activity, become the performance basis of brand innovation.
Tom Peters and Robert Waterman, author of the Quest for excellence, wrote in his writings: "In this new era of rapid progress in the world, the importance of capital power in business has given way to management innovation." In other words, the innovation that is ahead of the Times will lead the enterprise to prosperity. No management innovation, is holding the money bag, also can not catch up with the trend of the times, doomed to become a loser. Some companies, although not enough capital, rely on management innovation for development. On the contrary, although many companies have strong capital, the factory is well-equipped, but because of lack of management innovation and loss or failure. The rapid progress of the Times has reversed the importance of capital and managerial innovation. Thomas Grey Thomes Gerrity, dean of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, said: "Business leaders must, of course, have enough business knowledge and skills, including marketing, finance, interpersonal skills, and so on." But more importantly, they must be able to integrate all this knowledge ... Perhaps the most important condition for future business elites is the ability to manage ' continuous change '. We are not yet fully aware of the importance of this capability. "
The latest survey shows that 88% of enterprises believe that organizational issues such as unreasonable structure and complex procedures become an impediment to innovation, while 77% of companies see communication as a major challenge in the process of innovation, and 80% of companies have unclear responsibilities, which can lead to other problems. The basic requirements of brand management innovation are management innovation transformation, establishing modern enterprise system, perfecting incentive mechanism, formulating brand human resource strategy, etc. In the practice of brand management innovation, many multinational companies have gained valuable experience, such as fostering team spirit. The team is a group of people who work together, they focus on the task, cooperate with each other, each of them dedicate their own wisdom and strength to the cause they are engaged in. In each enterprise, there are a variety of teams. The diversity of the team and the huge human resources is an integral part of the strategic resources of the Enterprise, the team cultivates the enterprise spirit and the enterprise culture, enhances the person to the enterprise the loyalty and the dedication spirit. A good team spirit of the enterprise in the competitive economy must form a huge advantage. Some enterprises have introduced the concept of crisis management in brand innovation. Brand crisis management is the enterprise monitoring, predicting the potential crisis of the brand, to control the occurrence of the crisis, to maintain or restore the brand image of a series of planning and management activities collectively. The occurrence of brand crisis is often not sudden, but gradually evolved. If managers keep sensitive and alert, good at collecting and analyzing brand information, studying the mechanism of crisis, and taking countermeasures in time, they can eliminate the brand crisis in the bud, which is the best policy of brand crisis management.
For Brand Management, the company's brand manager system is also an excellent innovation. The brand manager system is "to set up a manager for each brand", the manager must put all the sales of the product to bear. This lays the foundation for the management of the development of the Procter and Gamble brand, and also brings a new air to the brand management of the business. Many well-known multinational enterprises have adopted this system, greatly improving the vitality and competitiveness of the brand.

Choshun: Brand Management innovation

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