Clear the optical fiber dialing setting failure in Win XP

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Fiber-connected broadband is faster and more stable than ADSL, so many friends now choose fiber-optic access when installing broadband. However, I encountered a problem when installing the FTTB dialup program in Windows XP.
Fault Cause
In Windows XP, follow the procedure in Windows 98 to install the FTTB dialing program and enter the user name and password. restart the system. After restarting the system, double-click the dial-up program. The strange thing is that it requires the author to establish a new connection again. In the past, in Windows 98, the user can directly dial the internet. Establish a connection again.
Fault Analysis
When installing the FTTB dial-up program, the system prompts that some files cannot pass Microsoft's verification and asks if I want to continue. At that time, I chose "yes ". Therefore, I suspect that the dialing program provided by China Telecom does not support Windows XP. I downloaded the latest version of the dial-up program, but the fault persists. Is there a problem with Nic installation or setup? In the Device Manager, I did not see exclamation points or conflicts, and the NIC was correctly identified. Next, I opened the network neighbors and found that in addition to the original "Local Connection", there were two more "dial-up connections" marked with red forks ". The two connections were previously established by the author, and the following information is displayed under the wrong connection: "the dial-up connection is disabled due to the disconnection of the network cable or incorrect connection. However, I have not plugged in or plugged in the network cable before installing Windows XP. How can I see this prompt?
The author finally turned to China Telecom to solve the problem. In Windows XP, there is no need to install any FTTB-specific dialup program. Use the dial-up connection provided by Windows XP. If the FTTB-based dialup program is installed, problems may occur. The procedure is as follows: click "Start> program> attachment> communication> New Connection Wizard" to go to The New Connection Wizard Page, select "connect to the Internet> manually set my connection> connect with a broadband connection that requires the user name and password", and enter any ISP name, such as FTTB, click "Next" and enter the user name and password. Then, double-click the FTTB connection icon in the network neighbor to access the Internet. Through this method, we can also achieve a connection as if we were "Wired", so that we do not need to dial every time we access the internet.

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