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At the beginning of the year, interaction designers and product managers discussed the issue of which interaction designers should be more effective in their own value. The conclusion is that the interaction with the product manager involved in the initial requirements mining phase of the project, earlier participation in understanding the business needs and user needs, and product managers to produce PRD (the High-fidelity prototype with user experience is focused on the output of the interactive designer, the prototype benefits: to facilitate user participation in usability testing, The entire product team is more intuitive to grasp the design requirements, the advantages are obvious). Instead of the current project officially launched, the Product manager output detailed PRD, the interaction designer to participate in the project to participate in the prototype design, a bit late, the energy is not fully released! In addition, we have more opportunities to contact users, product implementation phase has been a lot of user feedback, so there are more opportunities to improve products.

This way of working more than one months, personal as a background product interaction designers feel a lot, here to talk about the harvest.

1. Better understand the value of the product for the business.

Participate in the preliminary needs seminar organized by Product Manager, also include the Product manager PK will, a variety of strategic or tactical meetings, to identify the products they are involved in the company's overall development chain in what position, in the business value, the relationship between related products, product planning, the next phase of the focus of work and so on. The largest revenue focus on business, the output has a user-value design.

2. More understanding of user goals.

At present the individual participates in the interactive design product in the implementation stage, has the opportunity direct face-to-face communication with the user, understands their demand, the rapid design. The Product Center audit project that I'm involved in is what makes me feel that interaction designers are more concerned with goals than just tasks or actions. Goals are driven by people's motivations, and may change slowly over time, compared to actions and tasks that are very variable. Understanding user goals allows designers to eliminate unnecessary tasks and actions that are not required to be performed in modern technology, i.e. system operations.

Example: The objective of the commodity center audit is that the commodity must be a supply chain of goods to be sold on the shelves (supply chain goods must pass the commodity certification, QC, warehousing to meet the supply chain standards to bring users a better purchase experience.) Through the talks with the commodity Center auditor to understand the current offline by the industry to submit the second audit, Commodity Center auditor responsible for the audit, there will be audit through or not through the results of feedback to the industry second. This workflow is a specific work task for the purpose. Around the target suddenly found, in fact, in line with the supply chain standards of goods can no longer be the industry's second submission operation, the system will automatically transfer to the commodity Center auditor there, saving the industry's small two operating costs.

3. Improve the user experience.

Constantly improve the user experience, not only to improve the efficiency of the product, but also to simplify, to understand which features are users must. Each product has a specific implementation model, the user's brain contains a conceptual model, they have to solve the problem of products, and how to solve problems have their own ideas. Users will be disappointed if the implementation model is inconsistent with the user's conceptual model. Find a place where users are disappointed and find opportunities to improve their products.

Example 1: The previous "View SPU" and "View SPU status" User feedback are not clear about the difference between the two. The original idea is to expect users to look at different latitude products, and users want to be able to view all the goods in a list of relevant information, and then interaction between the designer and the product manager to discuss the two merged to facilitate the user unified query, Later expand its function, efforts to get through the certification, QC, warehousing, but also hope to be able to display an SPU each dimension of information.

Example 2: "Your view of the SPU list is very long, you need to pull the scroll bar to the final action bar, I find it inconvenient to operate." "Then we put the shortcuts for these operations in the corresponding list bar, easy to user action, the following figure is the adjusted style."

4. Many background development in the implementation of the project in the forefront of the same, there is a direct contact with the user's opportunity, a lot of user experience feedback They are also incumbent to help collect.

Really happy to see background development feedback to the user experience problem, this is the concept of change, that you also become more concerned about users, but also pay more attention to user experience, our future cooperation will be more smooth!

Thank you for all the cooperation in the product group including PDPM front-end development background development, but also includes all interactive design and my supervisor to sister, with you very happy to work together. Thank the user feedback of the valuable advice, so that the product has more opportunities for improvement. This time I have a more in-depth understanding of the interactive design, a good interaction designer should have more responsibility and mission, but also to slowly ponder, Keep walking!

Author: Lvjun

Article Source: Alibaba Good unlimited UPD team blog

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