Common Program code for Windows Mobile (serial port, image, network, 3D, database, audio and video, etc)

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1. Serial Port debugging
Pocket PC serial port debuggingProgramAndCode(EVC, VB. NET, C)
Http:// Tid = 154187

2. Graphics and Images
Example of a JPEG Image Processing Program (using javaslib of Indepedent JPEG Group)
Http:// Tid = 116946
Pocket PC screenshot program and code
Http:// Tid = 213429
PPC digital camera CCD bad point detection program (with EVC source code)
Http:// Tid = 128259

Screen Display clock program and code
Http:// Tid = 213321

3. Network
Tool Software: TCP network debugging program (PC and WM)
Http:// Tid = 189690
UDP network debugging program and code
Http:// Tid = 255074
Real-time stream transmission protocol (RTP) Library (EVC version) Code and test programs under WinCE
Http:// Tid = 187204
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Library (EVC version) Code and test programs under WinCE
Http:// Tid = 234395

4. Database
Evc4.0 + adoce3.1 full access to the ACCESS database strategy (with instructions and routines)
Http:// Tid = 152791
Detailed descriptions of VB. NET + sqlce operation database (1)
Http:// Tid = 210075
Use VC ++ to access the sqlce Database
Http:// Tid = 224013
XML file reader (with VC and EVC)Source code)
Http:// Tid = 243947

5. Password
A small MD5 computing tool-yew.md5
Http:// Tid = 212120
Program and code for DES encryption and decryption
Http:// Tid = 207181
Obtain the EVC program and code of the device serial number of the ppc2003 Device
Http:// Tid = 207176
Code for obtaining the memory card ID
Http:// Tid = 207180

6. 3D
Direct 3D
A vs2005 exercise rotating colorCubeBody code (d3d in wm5.0)
Http:// Tid = 193235

Powerful Pocket PC 3D Development Library OpenGL ES
Http:// Tid = 205693
3 DMAX File Read display program and source code (using OpenGL ES)
Http:// Tid = 206889
Two 3D terrain simulation programs
Http:// Tid = 219690
3D Virtual Earth demonstration on Pocket PC
Http:// Tid = 231020

7. System Control
Programs and codes for switching WiFi and background lights
Http:// Tid = 217826
Keyboard hook code under WinCE
Http:// Tid = 209924
Programs and code for adjusting backlight brightness
Http:// Tid = 223029
Obtain and modify the program code for memory Division
Http:// Tid = 209932
A simple Task Manager program
Http:// Tid = 207831
EVC code of the Registry Editor under WinCE
Http:// Tid = 207183

8. Interface Class
Full Screen mode for MFC pocketpc applications
Http:// Tid = 126783
Example of listctrl that can be edited (EVC)
Http:// Tid = 226338
Implementation of beautiful Bitmap Buttons in the MFC Program (with routine)
Http:// Tid = 156097
List box program and source code of the Self-painted background on Wm

9. Audio and Video
H.263 Network Video Transmission program-handheld video (with source code)
Http:// Tid = 246383
A simple recorder program and code
Http:// Tid = 213327
H.264 decoder on WinCE and arm (including t264, JM, and FFMPEG)
Http:// Tid = 236019
G726 LAN voice call program and source code
Http:// Tid = 192387

10. Driver Class
WindowsCE. Net USB driver development Basics
Http:// Tid = 251182
How to operate gpio in Windows CE (using ARM S3C2410 as an example)
Http:// Tid = 281968
Example of the stream interface driver on the Pocket PC
Http:// Tid = 259240
Development of USB camera driver under Windows CE (take ov511 as an example, with all source code and explanations)

11. com
Examples and explanations of creating and using ATL controls in evc4
Http:// Tid = 255958

12. Comprehensive
Database middleware solution for remote access to PC databases by PDA (with demo program, source code, and solution Documentation)
Http:// Tid = 257413
Network Video Conferencing program for interconnection between PC and Pocket PC (with source code)
Http:// Tid = 205692
Changhua chmreader and source code (based on 1.04)
Http:// Tid = 149374
The Pocket PC 2003 SDK contains many excellent routines. We suggest you take a look at these examples.
Http:// Tid = 167565
Source code of EVC advanced programming and application development
Http:// Tid = 211571
Ebook programming Microsoft Windows CE version 2 and accompanying source code
Http:// Tid = 211579
Http:// Tid = 224103
Gpsreader program for reading and analyzing GPS data (C # And code)
Http:// Tid = 212538
C ++ Chinese Character alphabet initials
Http:// Tid = 148746
GIS program -- Reading and displaying the shape format of ArcInfo (with PC and Pocket PC source code)
Http:// Tid = 258099

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