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After in-depth research (by searching on the Google website), I compiled 15 free Visual Studio 2005 plug-in tables. Some of the plug-ins will improve your Code And others can make your compilation faster, but these cannot be completely guaranteed.

If I have omitted a plug-in and you think it should be added to this list, please provide a name, URL, and a simple description for me. But before doing this, make sure it meets the following strict requirements (A: it must run in Visual Studio 2005, B: it must be free)
To put it bluntly, the following is my 15 free Visual Studio 2005 plug-ins ......

This is a subversion version Version Control System plug-in that allows you to perform most common version control operations in Visual Studio.

C # sortcode macro

This excellent small macro Selects all members of a type (category or structure) by letter. These types are grouped by member type. I think this is a very useful tool, but I am not very interested in this classification, but I am sure this can be easily modified in the macro. This will run in vs2005, although the title says it is for Visual Studio. NET 2003. When you download a macro, you will receive a warning "it was created in vs2002 ". Click "yes.

Codekeep plugin

This is the plug-in that allows you to control your code snippets and find other snippets from other Visual Studio. Before installation, you must create a user on the website. After installing the plug-in, read the readme.txt file. Three files need to be copied to the plug-in folder.

Code style enforcer

Do you need a verification code? This plug-in is suitable for you if needed. What it does is to check your code in real time relative to the idesign's C # compilation standard and optimal method. When it finds something it is opposed to, it will draw a line below something like a red pen. It is very picky, but the rules can be modified. For example, you may want to change some rules to allow "E" to be synonymous with eventargs, and "ex" to be synonymous with exceptions. Before installing code style enforcer, you may need to install a dxcore from developer Express.


I will let you guess three times. What is this plug-in used? Want to give up? Well, copysourceashtml itself tells us what it is. This plug-in allows you to copy yourSource code, And the syntax to highlight the display and the number of rows to HTML. As their website says, "If Visual Studio can highlight it, ccvs can copy it ......".

I have used this plug-in for a small research. It looks like: When I paste my code, it forgets to turn off one <span>, and the other <span> is not commensurate. However, I am sure that I will use this tool multiple times in the future.

Encapsulateallnonprivatefields macro

This is another macro from reflection it. This macro generates private space and public attributes. To use it, all you need to do is to define some public variables, highlight them, and then run macros and voila! Each variable you highlight now has an attribute and a private space.

If you plan to use this macro and download their C # sortcode macro, you must first uninstall it.

Ghostdoc 2.1.1

Based on this website, either through the use of existing files (inherited from the basic type) or the installed interface, or through the method, attribute, or parameter name, type to deduce comments, ghostdoc automatically generates file comments for C. It's better.


Like codekeep, This plugin allows you to search for code from Visual Studio. From what I told you, we know that this is the end of a similar point. The Pro version is $9.99 per month and $99 per year. Without updating the Pro version, I cannot find any way to save my code snippets.

Plug-in name:Reflector. filedisassembler

Plug-in author:Lutz roeder

Latest Version:Reflector. filedisassembler

Release date:2005-10-23

:Click here to download

Plug-In Introduction: reflector. filedisassembler, which is a class browser and anti-compiler that can analyzeProgramSet and show you all its secrets. Reflector. filedisassembler. You can browse the classes and methods of the Assembly and analyze Microsoft intermediate language (msil) generated by these classes and methods.

Plug-in name:Codesmith

Plug-in author:Eric J. Smith

Latest Version:Code Smith 3.1

Release date:2005-8-11

:Click here to download

Plugin introduction:Codesmith is a template-based code generation tool that uses syntax similar to ASP. NET to generate any type of code or text. Unlike many other code generation tools, codesmith does not require you to subscribe to specific application designs or architectures. Codesmith can be used to generate anything including a simple set of strong types and a complete application.

Plug-in name:Ndoc

Plug-in author:SourceForge

Latest Version:Ndoc 1.3.1

Release date:2005-1-25

:Click here to download

Plugin introduction:Writing code documents is almost always a daunting task. The ndoc tool can use reflection to analyze the Assembly and automatically generate documents for the code using the XML generated from the C # xml annotation. The new version provides support for more languages.

Plug-in name:Nunit

Plug-in author:Michael C. Two, Charlie Poole, etc.

Latest Version:Nunit version 2.2.3

Release date:2005-11-15

:Click here to download

Plugin introduction:Nunit is an open source code unit test framework generated for the. NET Framework. Nunit enables you to write tests in your preferred language to test the specific functions of your application.


Plug-in name: fxcop

Plug-in author:Microsoft

Latest Version:Fxcop 1.32

Release date:2005-7-25

Carrier address:Click here to download

Plugin introduction:The. NET Framework is very powerful, which means it is very likely to create excellent applications, but it is also possible to create inferior programs. Fxcop is one of the tools that help you create better applications by analyzing the Assembly and using many different rules to check whether it complies with these rules.

Plug-in name:Nant

Plug-in author:Gerry Shaw, Ian MacLean, Scott, etc.

Latest Version:Nant 0.85 (. net2.0beta)

Release date:2005-04-18

:Click here to download

Plugin Introduction: Nant is A. Net-based generation tool that makes it easy to create and generate your project. Nant allows you to generate solutions, copy files, run nunit tests, send emails, and so on.

Plug-in name:Ghostdoc

Plug-in author:Roland weigelt

Latest Version:Ghostdoc 1.9.1

Release date:2005-11-20

:Click here to download

Plugin introduction:Ghostdoc is an XML document comment Generator Based on Visual Studio. Compared with ndoc, ghostdoc can automatically generate a large number of annoying similar descriptions.

Plug-in name:Vault

Plug-in author:Sourcegear

Latest Version:Vault 3.1.5

Release date:2005-11-04

:Click here to download

Plugin introduction:A. Net-based version control tool can replace VSS using XML Web Services as the communication protocol.

Plug-in name:Dragnet

Plug-in author:Sourcegear

Latest Version:Dragnet 1.0.5

Release date:2005-11-20

:Click here to download

Plugin introduction:Ourcegear dragnet is a tool for allocating and tracking transactions (tasks.


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