Common Terms for banking business

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Collection: Transfers the money in the rated account to the total account.

Account: Different from the accounting system in accounting, it is a detailed record table. Users can customize its format.

Front: An intermediary between a bank's internal system and a third-party system. It acts like a firewall.

Background: The machine where services are deployed in the bank. It is used to process the business logic and is generally directly connected to the database.

Terminal: A terminal used for business operations inside a bank. It is responsible for processing the display logic and generally requests services of backend servers for business processing.

DCC: Host server responsible for account processing.

Financial Industry includes: Bank insurance, securities, futures, foreign currency

Head office: the headquarters. Generally, a bank has only one head office. [different banks may have different words]

Branch: branch. Generally, a city has a branch. [different banks may have different terms. Some banks divide the branches into first-level branches and second-level branches]

Sub-branch: branch. Generally, there is a sub-branch in one district. The sub-branch is also used for external work. [different banks may have different terms]

Outlet: the place where the bank is made public. That is, the place where we usually handle business [different banks may use different words]

Business Office: It is similar to the concept of outlets, but it is mentioned more in China Mobile, for example, communication between 100 business offices [different banks may have different words]

Daily cut: Some banking services are processed in batches at the end of the day. After the final batch processing is completed, the date will be changed to the next day, the system switches from the current business day to the next business day. The general point is "The time for changing the system billing ".

Storage: Transfer funds to the IC card. The IC card, for exampleHbA card,Medical insurance card,Bus IC CardOther e-wallets. For more information, see]

Ring ti: It is a deposit transfer between the primary account and the chip account (Electronic passbook and electronic wallet) provided by the bank for the cardholder. Only the electronic passbooks can be submitted in a circle.

Downlink: Reorganize (a crosstalk term ). [English under the linked accounts] in the banking industry, I personally understand that an account (or card) is linked to a primary account, which has fewer functions than the primary account.

Exhibition: [Extend a time limit] extend the specified date or term

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