Complete-vultr VPS Custom Installation Windows ISO (2003/2012/2008/win7)

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There are several projects in the company that need to be debugged in a Windows VPS server, but the cost of the company is limited, so it can only be considered in a Linux VPS, after all, Linux servers are much cheaper than Windows systems. Our OPS department is considering installing VNC Remote Desktop, the installation is possible, but the link is slow, and the opening is quite slow. Then we consider installing the Windows system in the KVM VPS server DD, and later see the vultr VPS has support for customizing the installation of the Windows system and can mount the ISO system itself after installation.

1. Can customize ISO system

Here we need to find the ISO for the Windows system first.

2. When the server is opened, select the custom system ISO

When we set up the server, we directly attach the uploaded iOS system boot, and then login to the VNC boot installation. This method is much simpler than the KVM VPS Server DD installation. There are many installation tutorials on the Internet, I can find a few references here:

1. vultr VPS Custom ISO installation WINDOWS2003 system process with serial number (

2, vultr VPS installation Windows 7 system Full process and ISO upload and deployment settings (

3. Issues with various Windows system versions

Because our company's projects need to use different MAC addresses, so we need to install different systems as possible, so that in the operation of the project is not detected in a system, so it seems normal, so we try to install a different win system, such as 2012, 2008, 2008, WIN7, and then add a different IP address should be available for a while.

We certainly will not waste more time to make the ISO, and then to merge drivers, more trouble, so through a strong network to find a variety of suitable win system ISO.

Http:// X13-140502-homemade-by-jetso.iso
Http:// X14-140508-homemade-by-jetso.iso
Http:// Incl_virtio-140506-homemade-by-jetso.iso

Here is the reference here:

So many ISO systems can be used for a while, and all are driven. The need to mention here is the 2003 system, need to use the serial number, I tested this can be used: Rycr6-t7y6m-2tvhk-c2yw3-7tyq8.

Finally, to mention is Vultr VPS is good, new registered account also give 20 dollars, can use NGINX20 or Ssdvps coupon code (VULTR official website >>).

Complete-vultr VPS Custom Installation Windows ISO (2003/2012/2008/win7)

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