Comprehensive analysis of dual-line two-way network router setup

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With the development of the routing industry, its market competition is very fierce. For users, how to set the correct route, is also a very important issue, here I studied some network router settings, here to take out and share with you, hope for everyone useful. As we all know, China Netcom and China Telecom are the two monopoly of domestic network access service providers. There are some problems in line and site visits, that is, if your network belongs to China Netcom's line, then the resources to visit China Telecom will be relatively slow, and if your network is provided by China Telecom, Similarly, the resources to visit China Netcom will be relatively slow.

This is why many enterprise users are starting to apply for a dual line to solve this problem, but as a network administrator, do we know how to reasonably allocate network access and link direction? Through a reasonable allocation of destination IP address can let us better use of network resources, so that access to telecommunications network data can be sent to the telecommunications link, the same way to access netcom data can be successfully sent to the Netcom link. Today, please IT168 readers follow the author together to learn how to achieve the automatic allocation of two-line dual network router information by routing strategy, and make the packet forwarding more intelligent.

one, the advantage of routing strategy:

often pay attention to our IT168 network channel readers know before we have introduced how to solve this dual-line two-lane real network problem from the local computer routing information, however, this method is limited to operating on a single computer, if the enterprise's staff computer is very much, the setting of a machine is certainly not realistic , we can through the routing strategy to the enterprise network router to set up the export of integrated management, the export network router set a reasonable routing strategy, so that network packets can be forwarded to different needs according to the various lines.

Overall, the routing strategy requires only that we set up a network router that is connected to the network outside the enterprise, and that the router is actually connected to a dual-line, that is, an interface connecting to China Netcom's network, an interface connecting to the Chinese telecom network.

Two, routing policy commands a simple explanation:

The meaning of the routing strategy is that he can let the router choose the next hop routing information according to certain rules, so that it can automatically judge which routing table information should be forwarded according to the basic information of the received network packet. Routing policies allow us to specify multiple next-hop forwarding routing addresses for a single router. Let's take a look at a Routing policy directive and then follow the instructions below to see what he means. 3ian Material

(1) Routing policy basic information settings:

route-map src80 Permit 10

//Set up a policy route, the name is SRC80, the ordinal number is 10, the rule is allowable.

Match IP Address 151

//Set match satisfies the condition, meaning that only satisfies the IP address meets the access control list 151 to carry on the following set operation, otherwise skips directly.

set IP next-hop

//Meet the above conditions, the next hop routing information for these data is modified to

access-list deny TCP any eq www

access-list Permit TCP any eq www

//Set the matching information in the corresponding Access control List 150

(2) enables the routing policy already set to be enabled and effective on an interface:


//into Gigabit Fast Ethernet interface

IP policy route-map src80

Apply routing policy src80.

no IP policy route-map src80

//Canceling the application of SRC80 routing strategy.

of course, the actual instructions for each routing strategy will be different, but the basic such as match and set instructions similar to the actual use of the process according to the need to modify.

three, network router Setup instance:

understand the basic routing policy setup method after he solved the two-line two-way network router setup practical problems, the first virtual out of such an environment, enterprises to apply for a dual-line network exports, while the other side of the Netcom line is the telecommunications line, What we need to do is to pass the routing strategy so that data sent to different networks can be forwarded directly to the corresponding network interface. Know the technical application point we will use the technology to solve practical problems, the use of Policy Routing and we write a program is very flexible, he can set the forwarding conditions, or through the source address or destination address information to guide the direction of the packet sent.

(1) Policy Routing based on source address:

If the enterprise is divided according to the network division, we can be based on the source address Policy Routing to achieve the purpose of distributing network packets. For the source address of the policy route, it is the Netcom department to access Netcom's data are forwarded to the corresponding WAN1 interface of the Netcom, and the telecommunications sector to access telecommunications data are forwarded to the telecommunications line corresponding to the WAN2 interface. In this way, two departments are able to operate quickly and without interfering with each other. However, this network router setup has a problem, that is, if the temporary need for netcom staff to solve the needs of telecom customers will not be achieved, because the CNC data will only be sent to the Netcom line, the speed of access to telecommunications customers will be greatly compromised.

(2) Policy Routing based on Destination address:

Since policy routing based on source addresses has problems with cross network access, is the policy route based on destination addresses the perfect solution to the actual problem? The so-called destination address means that we want to access the client's IP address, generally judge whether the customer is telecommunications or netcom network can be achieved through his IP address. So long as the enterprise collects the telecommunication and Netcom Network Address section, can take the policy route based on the destination address, will send or receives the telecommunication address data through the WAN2 (telecommunication line) interface transmission, will send or receives the Netcom address data through WAN1 (Netcom line) interface transmission. Even if the department of Netcom staff temporarily solve the situation of telecommunications customers can still ensure high-speed state.

Four, Summary:

from the description of this article, we can see that through routing strategy to solve the problem of dual-line dual network is more flexible than the previous introduction from the native routing table, and solve the problem more efficient, do not need network administrator for the enterprise staff computer A network router settings. On the other hand, the function of routing strategy is not only limited to this, understand his true meaning after we can write a program, from the actual needs of enterprises to develop a more reasonable and effective forwarding strategy, you can fine to each computer routing information control.

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