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"Unix/linux Network log analysis and Traffic monitoring" new book release

"Unix/linux Network log analysis and Traffic monitoring" new book release650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 6- S.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1rylxsi_gcgaaxqktzbpqq386.jpg "/> 82 percent booking is now available.

"Unix/linux Network log analysis and Traffic monitoring" new book release

This book from the Unix/linux system of raw logs (raw log) collection and analysis, and gradually into the log audit and computer forensics link. The book provides a number of cases, each case with a vivid note of the network after the invasion, management personnel to carry out the process of system forensics and reco

"Unix/linux Network log analysis and Traffic monitoring" new book listing one months, sales ranked TOP 10

"Unix/linux Network log analysis and Traffic monitoring" new book listing one months, sales ranked TOP 10, thank you for your support, there will be a heavy new book launch, 2015 Happy New Year!650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" screen shot 2015-

Python3 crawler crawls China Book Network (Amoy Book Group) record

I was just beginning to learn the Python reptile small white, opened only for the record of their own learning process, convenient to do reviewTo crawl a link: crawl content: Book name, book price, and link to a preview mapThis article uses the PY packages: requests, BeautifulSoup, JSON, CVSOpen the Chinese Book

Python crawler Bean-book Express-book Analysis

1-Problem descriptionGrab the watercress "new Book Express"[1] page book information (including title, author, profile, url) and redirect the results to a txt text file. 2-Thinking analysis [2]STEP1 reading HTMLSTEP2 XPath traversal elements and attributes 3-Using toolsPython,lxml module, requests module 4-Program Implementation1 #-*-coding:utf-

New book Unix/Linux Log Analysis and traffic monitoring is coming soon

New book Unix/Linux Log Analysis and traffic monitoring is coming soon The new book "Unix/Linux Log Analysis and traffic monitoring" is about to release the 0.75 million-word book created in three years. It has been approved by the publishing house today and will be publishe

New book: Fireball UML war demand analysis-Chapter 1 UML

Summary: You only need to read this chapter to grasp it from a macro perspective.UMLTo form a UML blueprint in your head. You can have a full understanding of the basic knowledge of UML, the usage and overview of various UML diagrams, and the problems you encounter in your actual work to help you further plan the next step.(This book has been released) Author: Zhang chuanbo, network name: fireball)Www.

"Cloud computing network Zhu Ji Nanxiong" new book prizes probation activities

andSDN/NFVand other new architectures. In addition, this book on some of the network new technologies and new programs (such asSR-Iov,Openflow,DPDK,Serverswitchand so on, and discusses the development trend of the network on a number of technical issues. "Cloud computing network Zhu Ji Nanxiong" includes Ethernet andT

C # Network programming through the Watercress API access to book information (a)

This article is mainly about how to get a book through the Watercress API information, initially see this content my initial idea is in the " C # Network Programming Web page simple download implementation "through the HttpWebResponse class to download the source code, and then through the regular expression analysis to get the node tag to get information." But l

"Data structure and algorithm analysis: C Language Description _ Original Book Second Edition" CH2 Algorithm analysis _ After class exercises _ part of the solution

):int isprime (int N) {int i;if (n = = 1) return 0;if (n 2 = = 0) return 0;for (i = 3; I For B, obviously there is, B = O (LOGN).For C, because B = O (logn), 2B = O (N), that is, 2B/2 = O (√n), the worst-case run time in B is: O (2B/2)For D, the running time of the latter is the square of the former running time, which is easily known by the solution in C.For E,wiss said: B is the better measure because it more accurately represents the size of the input. All rights Haifen

Go to Python Big Data Analysis book notes on "Python for Data Analysis"-page 04th

Essential Python Lib This section describes various types of libraries commonly used by Python for big data analysis. Numpy Python-specific standard module library for numerical computation, including: 1. A powerful n-dimensional Array object Array; 2. Mature (broadcast) function libraries; 3. toolkit for integrating C/C ++ and Fortran code; 4. Practical linear algebra, Fourier transformation, and random number generation functions. The combinat

[Interactive publishing network] Introduction to algorithms: 3rd version of the original book. Now, you can get 8 yuan cash coupons for special activities.

[Interactive publishing network] "Introduction to algorithms: 3rd version of the original book" is now available to receive 8 yuan cash coupons after purchase. There are some rigorous but not comprehensive descriptions in the relevant algorithms; others involve a large number of subjects, but lack rigor. This book integrates rigor and comprehensiveness, discus

"React Native and Combat" book serial "react Native network request and list binding"

This article is my published book "React Native and actual combat" serial sharing, the book by the mechanical Industry publishing house, the book detailed React Native framework underlying principles, React Native component layout, components and API Introduction and code combat, and React Nati ve and IOS, Android platform of the mixed development of the underlyi

Anything, the effort is possible, the new book "Network attack combat-sqlmap from the beginner to proficient" directory and architecture

- completed6.7sqlmap and other security tools for exploit utilization - completed6.8sqlmap Implementing bulk URL injection - already done6.9 Inject the Burpsuite capture log with Sqlmap6.10 using Sqlmap for COOKIEE injection6.11 pseudo-static SQL injection using SqlmapSection7Chapter UseSqlmapBypassWafFirewall7.1SQLmap bypass WAF for access injection - completed7.2sqlmap Bypass WAF file interpretation7.3sqlmap Bypassing WAF tricksSection8ChaptersSqlInjection safety precautions and log security

Data structure and algorithm analysis Java language Description (original book 3rd edition) pdf

: Network Disk DownloadFirst, the content of the book is a foreign data structure and algorithm analysis of the classic textbook, using the excellent Java programming language as the implementation tool to discuss the data structure (the method of organizing a large number of data) and algorithm analysis (estimation of

"Network Marketing actual practice password" book Review Essay Award list announced

"Network Marketing actual practice password" book Review Essay Award list announced About the "Network Marketing Practice password" a book of the essay activities have been a complete success, during this period, thank the vast number of netizens enthusiastic participation, but also thank the vast number of netizens

Analysis of core cloud computing technologies mini-book serialization I-chief recommendation and Preface

From: AE %A1%E7% AE %97%E6%A0%B8%E5%BF%83%E6%8A%80%E6%9C%AF%E5%89%96%E6%9E%90%E3%80%8B%E8%BF%B7%E4%BD%A0%E4%B9%A6%E8%BF%9E%E8%BD%BD%E4%B8%80-%E9%A6%96%E5%B8%AD%E7%9A%84%E6%8E%A8/ Analysis of core cloud computing technologies mini-book serialization I-chief recommendation and Preface Author: Wu zhuhua| Cloud computing type, Bending recommendation|38 u

C Security Coding Standard: the development of a safe, reliable, stable system of 98 rules (Original book 2nd edition)--Interactive Publishing network

uniform set of rules that are determined by the needs of the project and the organization, rather than simply using the familiar approach of the programmer. Once determined, these criteria can be used as indicators for evaluating source code (using manual or automated processes). cert Coding rules are widely adopted in the industry. At the Cisco annual SECCON meeting in October 2011, Cisco Systems announced the adoption of the CERT C Security coding standard as the benchmark programming standar

Book-"Product-level performance tuning and fault diagnosis analysis"

"Product-level performance tuning and fault diagnosis analysis"Cover big pictureAbout the authorMr. Zheng, 2006~2009 three session of "Microsoft's most valuable expert", won the "Devwow Microsoft blog Tatsu" winner, won the Microsoft "most influential developer" award, through the Microsoft "MCSA/MCSE" certification, the company performance optimization experts, CSDN blog experts, with " Discovering: Vertically cut into ASP. NET 3.5 Control and compon

My first crawler of the Python project----Crawl The Watercress Book Network and count the number of books

Today, it took me a night to learn to do, to make out my first reptile. Learning python for two months, intermittent, but always give up, today engaged in a small project, a kind of harvest joy. Don't talk nonsense, just attach all my code.1 #-*-coding:utf-8-*-2 __author__=' Young'3 4 ImportRe,urllib#urllib: Web Access, return Web page data, content5 defMy_get (ID):#encapsulation into functions for easy invocation6html = Urllib.urlopen ("

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