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Comprehensive analysis of dual-line two-way network router setup

. set IP next-hop //Meet the above conditions, the next hop routing information for these data is modified to access-list deny TCP any eq www access-list Permit TCP any eq www //Set the matching information in the corresponding Access control List 150 (2) enables the routing policy already set to be enabled and effective on an interface: int FASTETHERNET3/2 //into Gigabit Fast Ethernet interface IP policy route

Shared dual network card Internet Setup Tutorial

In the Windows 98 operating system, configuring the network is cumbersome and requires a restart after each setting, which is a lot of inconvenience to many home internet users. With shared access, the Windows 98 operating system has many limitations and is inconvenient to use, and in Windows XP operating systems, all this is easy. Below we will specifically look at the dual

Embedded Linux development environment set up (I.)--Network setup of dual NIC

Embedded Linux development environment set up (I.)--Network setup of dual NICOne, the Linux distribution version is ubuntu-14.04.4-server-amd64 versionInstall UbuntuSecond, network settings 1. Add a dual NIC to the virtual machineeth0 Bridging the wireless card for Ubuntu

XP and 98 system dual network card Sharing Internet Setup method _ Networking Tutorial

straight line, one is to connect another computer's intersection line. The use of different connection line sequence, the user in the production of network cable must pay attention to these two lines, otherwise it may be a few devices are not connected. shared Internet Settings On the host, because the Windows XP operating system is installed, the PPPoE virtual dialing feature is already integrated, and the drivers for both

Ubuntu dual NIC Setup internal and external network problems

UBUNTU12.04 System, dual network card: eth0, eth1. DB set to public IP, and LAN IP, This allows the computer to access various IPs within the LAN, and can be accessed worldwide, using SSH or Remote Desktop tool. Then began to implement: First step: Modify the Network settings: sudo vim/etc/network/interfaces Step Two:

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