Computer speakers have a murmur how to solve?

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First of all, to solve the computer speakers have a murmur of the idea is to first exclude the speaker is not the problem, and then eliminate the system and sound card driver, equalizer settings, such as software problems, if the above methods are not the cause of the problem, then you can consider is not the motherboard above the audio part of the The bottom line indirectly leads to the occurrence of such situations.

First the Speaker power supply alone, such as a USB charger for mobile phones to replace the mainframe USB power supply to the speakers, using mobile phones and other devices to connect the speaker's 3.5mm audio interface test speaker itself whether there are problems.

For the system and drive part, due to a variety of interference does not guarantee that the reload driver can solve the problem, it is best to reinstall the system reload drive.

Note that a detail setting may cause a murmur to occur, that is, the level setting of the playback device should not be too high;

All these problems can be ruled out after the case with the ground or other metal contact for a long time, if possible, use the same method will be the motherboard to do the removal of electrostatic treatment, the failure is still sent to the after-sale overhaul it!

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