Configuration of Cisco 2509 Terminal servers

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Use Cisco router reverse telnet to do Terminal Server

If we have more than one router to do the experiment, if it is according to the control line of a single configuration will be very troublesome, so we need to configure a Terminal server to log on to other machines here, the following practices:

Install the eight claw cable with Cisco 2509, and note that only the cables are installed and no DB25-RJ45 converters need to be mounted. Plug the eight claw cable RJ45 into the console port of other Cisco devices.

Then configure this 2509:

Line TTY 1 8

No exec

Transport input All

If you are logging on to a Cisco device that is connected to a tty1 (1th-number braid), you will be on the 2509 for Terminal Server:

Telnet x.x.x.x 2001 (x.x.x.x 2509 loopback address)

Similarly, if you are logging into a tty2 (2nd-number Braid) connected Cisco device, you need to be on 2509 for Terminal Server:

Telnet x.x.x.x 2002

If you are logging on to a tty65 (AUX) connected Cisco device, you must be on the 2509 for Terminal Server:

Telnet x.x.x.x 2065

Other words:
To which port to use reverse telnet, you need to:

Telnet x.x.x.x (2000+line number)

For the line number query, you can use:

Show Line

Special attention:

Be sure to configure on line using reverse telnet:

Line TTY X

No exec

Transport input All

Otherwise, the port cannot be opened.

Of course, you also need to configure the password for each privileged mode and the remote connection password on the other routers.

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