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Applies to: Oracle Server-Enterprise Edition-Version and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.

This document describes how to convert an administrator managed database to policy managed database and vice versa.


Converting an Administrator managed database to a Policy managed Database

1. Check the current configuration of all services and the database

Srvctl config database-d db_unique_name
Srvctl config service-d db_unique_name

Before converting the instance name shows:

$ Ps-eaf | grep pmon | grep orcl
Oracle 16450 1 0 Aug31? 00:00:02 Ora_pmon_orcl1

2. Create a server pool for the policy-managed database (you must have GI Administrator privileges to do this), as follows:

Srvctl add srvpool-g server_pool-l 0-u n (In the preceding command, n is the number of servers you want in the server pool .)

3. Modify the database to be in the new server pool, as follows:

Srvctl modify database-d db_unique_name-g server_pool

4. After restart, check the status of the database to confirm that it is now policy managed by repeating the commands in step 1.

After converting the instance name show:

$ Ps-eaf | grep pmon | grep orcl
Oracle 14462 1 0? 00:00:00 Ora_pmon_orcl_1

After convering the database to policy-managed, instance name will be db_unique_name _ # (notice the additional underscore (_) before the number sign (#) character ).

Converting Policy managed databases to administrtor managed Database

You cannot directly convert a policy-managed database to an administrator-managed database. Instead, you need to remove the policy-managed configuration and then register the same database as an administrator managed databases.

1. Remove the database and services

Srvctl remove database-d <dbname>
Srvctl remove service-d <dbname>-s <service name>

2. Register the same database as an administrator-managed databases

Srvctl add database-d <dbname>-o <RDBMS_HOME>
Srvctl add instance-d <dbname>-I <instance_name>-n <nodename>
Srvctl add service-d <db_unique_name>-s <service_name>-u-r <new_pref_inst> |-a <new_avail_inst>

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