Create a wireless point-to-point network to allow Mac and Windows 7 to access the shared folder of the other party.

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There are two laptops, One Mac and the other Windows 7 at home. Now we need to allow both computers to access each other's files, so we plan to create a point-to-point Wireless LAN.

1. Create a wireless network in the MAC system.

First, enable the airport, that is, enable the wireless connection of the apple notebook. Open "system preference settings", click "network", and select "Airport" in the left-side list of the "network" settings window ". Then, the airport status is displayed on the right side. If it is not displayed, click "Open airport ".

Next, create a wireless network. The wireless network name saved by the current system is displayed in the "Network Name" drop-down list below. If you have created a wireless network and saved it, it will be displayed here. To create a new wireless network, click the drop-down menu and select the "Create Network..." option. The "Create a computer-to-computer network" dialog box is displayed. Enter the wireless network name in the Name field. Select "automatic" for the channel. If you need to create an encrypted wireless network, you can select "require password" (you should need a password. At least this is safe and others cannot join the network at will ), next, select the password type and password. Select the 128-bit WEP with a higher password level and enter the 13-bit password. Click OK to open the connection.

2. Connect to the wireless network in Windows 7

First, enable wireless. Then, click the Network icon on the right of the taskbar. Normally, you can see the wireless network created in the MAC system in the pop-up menu. Double-click the network. The system prompts you to enter the password. Enter the password you just set on Mac. After you confirm, Windows 7 will be connected to wireless.



The above two points are to create a network in MAC and connect to the network in win7. Of course, you can create a network in win7 and then connect it to a Mac. The specific process is similar, but note the following:

1) when creating a wireless peer-to-peer network in win7, the encryption type must be WEP. For other types, the Mac here cannot be accessed currently.

2) When setting the permission for a shared folder on Mac, note that the permission should not be applied only to the shared folder, but to the folder and all its subfolders.

3. Create a shared folder so that Mac and Windows 7 can access each other's shared folders.

Access the shared folder in Windows 7 on Mac. First, find the folder you want to share, right-click it, and select share as, home group (read/write). Open the "command prompt", enter the ipconfig command, view the IP address of the wireless network in win7, and write down the address. After entering Mac, select "go to" menu "and" connect to server "in the finder, and enter the following content in the server address:

SMB: // <username> @ <win7 Wireless IP address>

After you click "Connect", the system prompts you to enter the Windows password of the logon user. After entering the information, return to the finder and you will be able to see an additional "shared" item in the left-side tree list. The displayed information is the name of the computer where Windows 7 is located. Click this option to display the content of the shared folder created in Windows 7.

Access the shared folder on Mac in Windows 7. On Mac, enable "system preference settings" and select "share". In the displayed share window, open the file share option on the left side of the window. Then, all the directories currently shared by the system are displayed in the "shared folder" list on the right. To add a new shared folder, click the plus sign under "shared folder", select the directory to be shared, and set the access permission for the shared folder on the right. By default, other users are read-only, which can be modified. Return to "system preference settings", click "network", and select "Airport" in the left-side list of the "network" settings window ", the IP address assigned by the current wireless network is shown below the status on the right. Write down the IP address. In Windows 7, open "computer" and enter "// The address you just noted down in the address bar" to view all the shared folders you just opened on Mac.

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