Create a MongoDB Sharding Cluster

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MongoDB has officially supported Sharding since version 1.6.

MongoDB also released Replica Sets to replace earlier versions of Replica Pairs.

By combining Sharding and Replica Sets, we can build a distributed, highly available, and automatically horizontally Scalable Cluster.

A typical cluster structure is as follows:

A cluster consists of the following three services:

  1. Shards Server: each shard is composed of one or more mongod processes used to store data.
  2. Config Server: used to store the Metadata information of a cluster, including the information of each Shard and chunks.
  3. Route Server: used to provide the routing service, connected by the Client, so that the entire Cluster looks like a single DB Server

In addition, Chunks are continuous data blocks in MongoDB. The default size is 200 MB, and a Chunk is located on one of the Shard servers.

Next, build a Cluster, which consists of four servers, including two Shard, three Config, and one Route

Each Shard is composed of a Replica Set, and each Replica Set is composed of two Mongod nodes and one vote node.

The configuration process is as follows:

1. The four servers start the corresponding Mongod process respectively:
/Usr/local/mongodb/bin/mongod-fork-shardsvr-port 10000-replSet set1-dbpath/pvdata/mongodb_data-logpath/pvdata/mongodb_log/mongod. log
/Usr/local/mongodb/bin/mongod-fork-shardsvr-port 10001-replSet set2-dbpath/pvdata/mongodb_data1-logpath/pvdata/mongodb_log/mongod1.log
/Usr/local/mongodb/bin/mongod-fork-shardsvr-port 10000-replSet set1-dbpath/pvdata/mongodb_data-logpath/pvdata/mongodb_log/mongod. log
/Usr/local/mongodb/bin/mongod-fork-shardsvr-port 10000-replSet set2-dbpath/pvdata/mongodb_data-logpath/pvdata/mongodb_log/mongod. log
/Usr/local/mongodb/bin/mongod-fork-shardsvr-port 10001-replSet set1-dbpath/pvdata/mongodb_data1-logpath/pvdata/mongodb_log/mongod1.log
/Usr/local/mongodb/bin/mongod-fork-shardsvr-port 10000-replSet set2-dbpath/opt/mongodb_data-logpath/opt/mongodb_log/mongod. log

2. Configure two groups of Replica Sets:
Mongo-port 10000
Config = {_ id: 'set1', members :[
{_ Id: 0, host: '192. 168.95.216: 100 '},
{_ Id: 1, host: '192. 168.95.217: 100 '},
{_ Id: 1, host: '192. 168.95.218: 100', arbiterOnly: true}
Rs. initiate (config)
Rs. status ()
Mongo-port 10000
Config = {_ id: 'set2', members :[
{_ Id: 0, host: '192. 168.95.218: 100 '},
{_ Id: 1, host: '192. 168.95.20.: 100 '},
{_ Id: 1, host: '192. 168.95.216: 100', arbiterOnly: true}
Rs. initiate (config)
Rs. status ()

Note: The Mongod corresponding to 10001 on the two servers is only responsible for vote election of a new master after a node is down. They do not store data backup.

3. Configure three Config Servers:

Mongod-configsvr-fork-logpath/pvdata/mongodb_log/config. log-dbpath/pvdata/mongodb_config_data-port 20000

4. Configure one Route Server:
/Usr/local/mongodb/bin/mongos-fork-chunkSize 1-configdb " 20000,192.168 .95.217: 20000,192.168 .95.218: 20000"-logpath/pvdata/mongodb_log/mongos. log

The chunkSize parameter is used to set the chunk block size. For testing, set it to 1 MB.

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