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Many of the same questions that have been asked in the course of a previous tour are how to effectively remember the experiences and methods that are commonly found in working or in books or interacting with netizens. Said often in the work met some problems déjà vu, but can not think of the previous solution, is very distressed. In fact, this is everyone will encounter, not a personal problem. Especially for our network management of this industry, involved in a very wide range of knowledge, can be said that no one can see, learned the knowledge is a one-time note down. How to do it. My advice is to form a personal knowledge base. This is very important. In fact, we often encounter some knowledge points, experiences, or techniques that we think are very good in our daily work, study and communication with our friends. We used to think it was so simple to remember, but it turns out that our knowledge is wrong. It's impossible for our brains to remember things like that, and we won't forget them for a long time. If we can adhere to these important points of knowledge every day, experience, skills recorded, will bring great convenience in the future work, encounter similar problems as long as a check on the know, the efficiency of a lot of improvement. Accumulated over the year is a small amount of knowledge wealth. Many high level people, not how much special experience he or she has, but because they are good at learning, good at learning other people's experience, and recorded to become their own knowledge. In general, records in the knowledge base are more important points of knowledge, or experience, skill is relatively high, for themselves are the essence. The mastery of these knowledge, for the individual, can be a kind of the best embodiment of ability. In the past, it is often emphasized to do study or work notes, but now this learning method is now obsolete, the best way is to form their own personal knowledge base. Working notes, or reading notes, are usually recorded in the form of a running account, the query is very inconvenient, the utilization rate is very low, and I am talking about the "personal Knowledge Base" is recorded in the form of a database, can be from many aspects, with different keywords quick query, query speed, precision and utilization are much higher. The content included in the personal knowledge base can be a very important point of knowledge, a certain, or some sort of solution to a problem, or a simple experience or skill, or even a network term that has been hard to remember before. We can use simple database knowledge to build our own knowledge base, ACCESS, even Excel can. As time goes on, the Knowledge Base is recorded in a very many points, which requires us to form a good classification record in the beginning, otherwise, even if there is a knowledge base, in need of hundreds of, thousands of, or even tens of thousands of records can not be checked, do not play a role. There is no uniform standard for dividing the fields in the repository database, depending on your current knowledge and skill level, or preferences. But in terms of fields, it's best to have: ordinal (easy to understand the number of current records), type (is the categoryThe key fields of the query, the following to set a number of query keywords, name (easy to query by name), description (description of specific knowledge points), login time (easy to query by time), such as several. The key here is that the "type" of the field is set up, but also the "type" of the field of the classification criteria. This depends on the individual, some people may like to divide by technical type, such as network standards, network protocols, network equipment, operating system, application software. In the network standard, we can subdivide the local area network standard, the WAN standard, the network protocol, the Ethernet protocol, the token network protocol, the data communication protocol, the routing protocol, etc. the network device can be subdivided into switches, routers, firewalls, etc. the operating system can be divided into Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Linux, Unix, and so on, application software can be divided into Word, Excel, Outlook, and so on. Others like to be divided according to the nature of the network management work, such as NET application, network formation, network administration, network security, network storage, server, etc. Network applications can be subdivided into Web servers, FTP servers, mail servers, instant Messaging servers, network construction and network management can be subdivided into Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Linux, Unix and so on, networked storage can be subdivided into Das, NAS , Fc-san, Ip-san, virtual storage and so on, the server can be divided into processor, memory, bus, expansion, fault tolerance, load balancing and so on. Of course, can also be other classifications, as long as you can meet their future quick query, easy to record on it. It can also be subdivided under level two keywords, but in general, there is no need, otherwise the database structure is more complex. With a personal knowledge base, not only when we need to filter, query to get the required knowledge, to help solve our work and learning problems encountered, we can also use it as work notes, or learn notes, and even textbooks, often learn. This can be the essence, often learning can deepen the impression, so that the essence of all into their own knowledge, all-round upgrade themselves.    

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