Dell PowerEdge R720 Automatic Restart Analysis

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I. Problem description:

In the same batch of servers, if such a server is encountered, if it does not run any service, there is no problem, but when a task is run, it is automatically restarted. Since this problem does not occur on other servers of the same system, you can use the quick service code to Find dell after-sales service.

2. Install the log collection Tool Dell System E-Support Tool (DSET) 3.5.1-[Linux 64-bit],


After download:

Chmod + x dell-dset-lx64-


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Copyright Notice: Simply press q to exit. If this is prompted, you only need to uninstall/opt/dell/advdiages/dest/uninstall. sh.

Dell System E-Support Tool 3.5.1 is already installed on your system.

Uninstall DSET by running uninstall. sh from the/opt/dell/advdiags/dset location, and then install this version of DSET.

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With y's consent


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Select 2. The following dialog box is displayed.

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After the collection is complete, it is stored in the current directory by default. download the file and view the errors in the log.

3. Analyze the logs. Enter the password and password dell for decompression. After decompression, use dsetreport. hta to view the log.

650) this. width = 650; "src =" "title =" 5.png" alt = "wKiom1L52wLA3U5bAAQuSCv7Rls510.jpg"/> after the time X is red, in this case, DELL replied as follows:

This error occurs when the CPU 1 M01 vddq pg voltage is outside of range. However, the cpu and voltage are both normal.

We recommend that you shut down your machine and remove all power supplies. After you press the power button for 30 seconds to 60 seconds, connect the power cord to start up. Generally, an error will disappear.

In addition, update the bios version to the latest version. The update method is to run the update program directly on the linux system to avoid power failure during the update process)


Bios Firmware Version 2.1.3, Released 12/18/2013, Recommended, requires immediate reboot

Red Hat:

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