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1. This Flash player is born with the installation of Windows 8 and the uninstall program is not found in the Control Panel, but the icon for the configuration is visible.

2. This flash Player uses no restrictions in the desktop version of the IE10, and in the Metro version of IE10, only those sites that exist in the compatibility whitelist can use Flash to render content.

3. This Flash Player update is pushed by Windows update:

Since Win8 has built-in Flash Player and is not a simple "preloaded" concept, it is also natural that Microsoft is responsible for its updates and patches through Windows update, which facilitates the push of users, enterprise IT administrators, and security patches. However, from this level of cooperation is conceivable, Microsoft has acquired Flash Player source code, and confirmed that the source should be a good.

Let's take a look at where this particular Flash player is. Open Task Manager to discover the process named Flashutil_activex.exe, which is the active process of the Win8 IE10 Flash player plug-in. Its file location is located in%systemroot%system32macromedflash.

To manage this Flash Player's disabling and enabling, we need to do it through the IE Browser Add-on management tool.

If there is a problem with this special flash Player, it is not possible to reinstall it by downloading the Flash installer, the correct reload should be to reload the IE10 browser, that is, to turn off the IE10 feature by "Enabling or shutting down Windows features" in Appwiz.cpl, and Enable it. If that doesn't work, then you'll need to run dism/online/cleanup-image/restorehealth and even the Sfc/scannnow command to detect and fix problems in Windows 8 system components and system files.

For Windows server 2012,ie, Flash Player is not installed by default, and some users try to download and install Flash Player, but it is also not installed, because Server 2012 also has this special flash Pl built-in Ayer, just default is not enabled. So, to use the IE10 browser on Server 2012 to access Flash content, you can only enable the built-in flash Player by installing user interfaces and infrastructure (user interface and infrastructure)-Deskt OP Experience (Desktop experience) feature.

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