Diagram of IP address Internet access settings of the mercury Wireless Router

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The diagram solves the problem of setting the IP address of the mercury wireless router to access the Internet. There may be no specific mode, so the following questions and answers provided by netizens may not help you, but it will help you in the future. After a long time, you cannot access the Internet, you can open a LAN movie website, and the Internet cannot be turned on. You can use the static mercury wireless router IP address to access the Internet. You can access the Internet through the settings below the network cable.

IP address of the mercury wireless router: Enter CMD ipconfig/all to see the following:

Mercury wireless router IP: The running status of the router

Mercury wireless router IP: Other router settings

Answers to the following questions:

The IP address of the mercury wireless router conflicts with the IP address of the local machine. Change the address in the local connection of the local machine. For example, Or you can simply replace the locally connected IP address and DNS address with automatic retrieval. The static IP address in the wan port is set incorrectly. The so-called static IP address in the WAN port refers to the fixed IP address allocated to you by China Telecom. Are you a fiber-optic fixed IP line?

For ADSL, you should select PPPOE and set the broadband account and password. If your optical fiber is fixed to the line of the IP address of the mercury wireless router, you should select static IP in the WAN settings, the IP address must be an Internet IP address ., You set the internal and external IP addresses. An error occurred. You cannot connect to the INTERNET even if you do not dial the INTERNET. If you have any questions, ask me. If you are satisfied, please adopt them. Thank you.

Your settings are incorrect. If your router ip address is, set the ip address of the machine below to 192.168.1 .? 2-) Fill in for the subnet gateway, and fill in for the dns. Automatically set to automatically get the ip address. Make sure that ~ is obtained ~ 199. The wan port settings are correct. The WAN port settings should not be static IP addresses.

If you are using ADSL, you should set your Mercury wireless router IP address and gateway address to be not in the same network segment, so you cannot access the Internet, because the router does not know where the gateway is, therefore, you must add a static route to the vro so that you can access the internet. If you have any questions, add QQ, first, you do not need to change the default mask in the LAN port settings. Use the 24-bit mask with the default to match the DHCP address pool

Here it is irrelevant to the mask used for the network segment on your WAN port, and the network segment is different. Other settings remain unchanged, add a static route function option) Objective mask default gateway for your WAN port address if you need to set mask according to this address match mask 127248.0 mercury wireless router IP settings) ask questions directly.

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