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Now a lot of friends with the machine, hard disk capacity is at least 20G, 40G or 60G, and some even 80, 100G. To manage the use of large hard drives reasonably and efficiently, you need to have some skills. Some friends of the machine in a few days on the system is unstable, had to reload the system, or the need for a long time to find files to find. Reasonable partitioning is the basic condition for system stability and standard management of hard disk. So, a big hard drive, should be divided into several areas more reasonable? Below, take my love Machine For example (40G hard drive, Win98, WinXP dual operating system).

C disk is "Win98" system partition, 2G,FAT16 partition format. C is best not to divide too much, some friends of the machine C disk is too large, will affect the Win98 start and search time. C disk We are mainly installed Windows98, interested friends can also install ms-dos6.22, other application software is best not installed in the C disk. Why the C-disk Gecheng FAT16 partition format, while storing files FAT16 than FAT32 waste space, but in my sense, FAT16 partition format used faster than the FAT32 partition format, and, You can also use ms-dos6.22 because ms-dos6.22 does not support the FAT32 partition format. Also, 2G of wasted space for storing files is very small for a large 40G drive. (Note: "Win98" is the volume label, the same below)

D disk is "program" Partition, 10G,FAT32 partition format. Applications that primarily store Win98 and other operating systems. Install the application software can be installed in the Win98 first, and then in the WinXP installed. First in the D Disk Program Files folder to establish the following: multimedia, programming, translation, entertainment, e-mail, settings, compression, word processing and other folders. And then put all the application software in D disk in the Program Files folder in the corresponding subdirectory, such as WinZip installed in D:program files compressed WinZip; Jinshan Fast translation 2002 installed in D:program Files Translation kingsoftfastait. This is mainly to facilitate the future management and maintenance. Unless some software must be installed in the folder specified by that software.

E disk is "GAME" partition, 5g,fat32 partition format. Mainly used to install games and some trial software. Space is too small enough, because the game is now a few g, too much waste, because we play games, normal is a game tired after playing another one, is not likely to play several large-scale games, when the game is tired of deleting, space has.

F disk is "Music" partition, 5g,fat32 partition format. Now if the computer does not have MP3, RM and other music or movies, it is a bit not enjoy Ah! In fact, E, F Two can be merged into a disk, and named entertainment "Pastime" disk. Look at your own hobby!

G disk is "DATA" partition, 5g,fat32 partition format. Mainly store some of their favorite pictures, important private documents, data. In addition, you can also move the Win98 and WinXP "My Documents" and "Favorites" folder also moved to G disk, so that we do ghost, we do not because of inadvertent backup to make "My Documents" and "Favorites" content lost.

H disk is "Install" Partition, 5g,fat32 partition format. The main storage of some installation software, download software and backup files (such as ghost). I disk is "WinXP" Partition, the remaining about 13G, NTFS partition format. Can install WinXP or Win2K, especially recommend the use of WinXP, according to my personal use, WinXP than Win2K improved a lot, especially in terms of stability.

When we have installed all the software, we can install such as Super Rabbit magic Settings or Windows Optimization Master, the system and disk optimization, and then all the partitions are disk scanning and defragmentation. To protect important data, you can use the Super Bunny Magic settings or Windows Optimization Master to hide the G, H disk, the order of dual-boot is set to 1 is win98,2 is WinXP, start time set to 0 seconds, so that when someone uses our computer, he mistakenly thought we only installed the Win98, And the hard disk is only C, D, E, F disk, it will not be mistaken for the operation of the deletion of the G, H disk in the Dongdong. And we have to choose the WinXP, you can press F8 before starting, and will appear double boot menu and choose; G, H Disk We can enter the address bar in the use of G: or H: You can enter our hidden target disk. Next is to do ghost, in fact, as long as the C-disk on the line, if your hard disk is large enough, you can also do the program disk and WinXP disk also do ghost, the premise is to install WinXP disk must be FAT32 partition format. Specific how to do ghost can refer to the relevant articles.

The above is my personal feeling more reasonable partition, but can with individual's hobby and need and change. If some users like the Linux operating system, can be divided into one area for the Linux partition.

Editorial commentary: Although the partition of the scheme everyone has their own opinion, the first condition of reasonable zoning is the need to manage conveniently, this article's zoning method is a methodical management method, but I personally think that the number of partitions are too many, sometimes not suitable for the management of hard disk or space scheduling. Some partitions can be replaced in the form of folders. If you have any views on reasonable zoning, you can also write letters and leizh@chinabyte.com discussion

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