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Distributed adaptive Multi-User, high-capacity mail system, easy to expand, provide the redundancy of mail service features.

Two. Configuration environment my test environment using three PC Server, are used Redhat 6.2,openldap2.0.7 and qmail-1.03 and Qmail-ldap, respectively, run the SMTP/POP3 service, the specific configuration as follows. omni1.i100.com.cn main smtp/pop3 server,dns MX record, mail storage host, QMQP server cocoon.i100.com.cn LDAP server, mail storage host gw2.i100.com.cn Mail Storage host, QMQP server, and secondary SMTP/POP3 server
In the, store Johnny messages.
In the, store Jacky messages.
In the, the message for Denny is stored.

In practice, the above configuration can be configured as mail storage and LDAP and SMTP server is located on different machines.

Three. Software ucspi-tcp-0.84.tar.gz

When compiling the qmail, remember to compile the support for cluster. Edit the Makefile to reflect your setup. Can change the following values:qldap-cluster

Compiles the clustering code in. Note:this doesn ' t mean clustering is on, it just means to _can_ on turn. The default qmail is to support the cluster structure.

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