Do not send Windows system crash Error Reporting

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A recent study by a security research group called Websense shows that Windows systems used by consumers are likely to be intercepted by hackers in the event of error reporting, and that this information will help hackers develop strategies for attacking them. When the system crashes, the corresponding dialog box pops up, which contains details of the device's operating status, Windows version information, application information, and so on, which are likely to be heard by hackers.

Although error reporting pops up when a system or application crashes, it usually requires a user's confirmation to pass the error message to Microsoft, although some of the information will not interact with the user during transmission. For example, the new USB disk successfully connected, information about the host and the version of Windows in use, installed service packs, BIOS information and so on.

While the data may seem harmless, the information is invaluable to hackers targeting a company, which can help hackers test the current known vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in the network with targeted testing. "The information generated by the system crash is still very useful for hackers, and hackers may be able to develop new 0 vulnerabilities," the Websense team said. ”

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