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The formula is the textFile MasterFile management software, the more documents, the more useful.
For users who are already getting started, you must master it so thatbetter explore the value of your own knowledge Base。
The formula must be an essential feature of all your personal knowledge management software.

1. Understanding the basics of formulas

1.1 Basic Expressions: a > B,
A is typically a field, and you can click a selection from the Available fields list
> is a relationship that can be =, <, >, or <> not equal to
B is generally the value of the field, to distinguish between different fields corresponding to different data types, in the 2nd point of detail

1.2two basic expressions with and-and, or or connection
1.3 Like a mathematical expression, you can also use () to indicate the priority of a calculation

2. Data type

There are four types of text, numeric, date and dictionary values。
The fields of the text type are: title, comment, author, custom 1~6
Fields of numeric types are: Read count
Date Type fields are: Collection date, last read date, last modified date, next reading date
The fields of the dictionary type are: review period, reading progress

2.1 Text Type value, characterized by the value to be placed within the single quotation mark ""
title = ' Test ' ========= indicates that the title is a "test" document
Title like '% test% ' ===== indicates that the title contains a "test" document
Relationships can be: like, =, <, >, or <> Five types

2.2 Values
Number of reads <2 ============= means less than 2 reading times
Reads between 2 and 5 = = = Read times between 2 and 5 times
Relationships can be:, =, <, >, <> or between and five kinds

2.3 Date
Collection date <[-90 days] ========= represents nearly 90 days
Collection Date = #2015 -1-1#====== represents the day of 2015-1-1
Episode date = This week ============ represents this week from Monday to today
The former is a dynamic date, and later is a specific date
Relationships can be:, =, <, >, <> or between and five kinds
* Date should try to use dynamic date, which is the value in the "constants for characters commonly used segment value" list

2.4 Dictionaries
Review Cycle =[Daily]====== indicates that the review cycle of the document collection is selected as "daily"
Relationship can be =, <> two kinds

3. Examples of "Overcoming addiction" formulas:
3.1 Cases 1: Less than 2 reads in nearly 30 days
number of reads <2 and collection date between [0 days] and [-30 days]
A. Expressions for the last 30 days:collection date between [0 days] and [-30 days]
Can also be written as:collection date between >= [-30 days]

[-30 days] The meaning is: today-30 days, that is 30 days ago that dayB.Read Count <2
c. and connects A and B two conditions with and, indicating that both conditions are met
Edit reference:
A. In the Available Fields list midpoint: number of Reads
B. Input: <2 and
C. In the Available Fields list midpoint: Collection date
D. Input: between [0 days] and [-30 days]
[0 Days] You can click [n days] in the "constants for characters commonly used segment value" list, and then modify the N value

3.2Example 2:I've never read it since I collected it 3 years ago.
Read Count =0 andcollection Date <[-1100 days]

A. Collection date <[-1100 days]: 3 years approx. 1100 days,< said before
The difficulty here is: convert 3 years to days and understand that < is before. If you use it, it means that for the past 3 years

For example today is 2015.04.23, in my knowledge base click on this formula, will show the collection before 2012.04.08, and read the number of =0 documents.

self-brought formula, is the best example of learning, should use more than try to modify the experience.

Document Master Formula writing Help

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