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4th lesson 3rd Section _android Lighting System _ Writing HAL_LIGHTS.C

, Led_max_brightness_show, NULL), #ifdef config_leds_triggers __attr (Trigger,0666, Led_trigger_show, Led_trigger_store),#endif__attr_null,};2. DRIVERS/LEDS/LEDTRIG-TIMER.C:0644Switch0666#ifDefined (CONFIG_MACH_IPCAM)StaticDevice_attr (delay_on,0666, Led_delay_on_show, led_delay_on_store);StaticDevice_attr (Delay_off,0666, Led_delay_off_show, led_delay_off_store);#elseStaticDevice_attr (delay_on,0666, Led_delay_on_show, led_delay_on_store);StaticDevice_attr (Delay_off,0666, Led_delay_off_show, l

Django Creation Project 3rd: Writing the first template file

1. Django Structure2, the site blog under the creation of Templates folder, specifically for storing template files3. Create the index.html file under the Templates folder#index. htmlDOCTYPE HTML>HTMLLang= "en">Head> MetaCharSet= "UTF-8"> title>First template filetitle>Head>Body> H1>Django Create a third project: Write the first template fileH1>Body>HTML>4. Modify the views.py file#Create your views here.#Coding:utf-8 fromDjango.httpImportHttpResponse#Import the templates files required

Master's degree thesis writing skills-word Edition

. You can then go back to the first page to insert the page number of the place double-click, the page number is deleted , then the first page and the second page the page number disappears. Of course, if you want to insert the page number of other symbols in the first page without the page number, just use the first case as described above, and he has no effect on the page number starting on the third page, so you can insert the page numbers in other symbols in the document starting at the thir

Writing JavaScript Class library (jquery Edition)-Advanced series-Learner series articles

, mainly think that this is a javascript of some of the custom functions, should be encapsulated in the function library. It also defines the static variable plugininfo, which declares some basic information about the class library using static variables.Below is a description of the functions in a library:First, declare the function name Checkbrowser, encapsulating it with function anonymous functions. Add a function declaration comment below the {number of the function.Detecting browsing Infor

C # Help class for writing text logs (multithreading supported) Release edition (not applicable to ASP. NET programs ),

C # Help class for writing text logs (multithreading supported) Release edition (not applicable to ASP. NET programs ), The automatic collection mechanism of iis does not apply to ASP. NET programs. Code:Using System; using System. collections. concurrent; using System. configuration; using System. IO; using System. text; using System. threading; using System. threading. tasks; namespace CommonDll {// Test

SPHINX Document Writing Tools Installation Brief Guide-Windows edition-based on Python

This tutorial is based on the local installation of PYTHON and configuration of global variables, there must be a corresponding basis for re-operation;Upload pictures to avoid misleading, the following is a text description, as follows: Download the get-pip.py script; Python get-pip.py-(many tutorials, execute this file, just use PIP.) In fact, you need to configure the global variables of the PIP; if you know where the global Python installation is or don't know, refer to the Find dire

Dockerfile Simple edition of the encyclopedia, with the gift of writing examples _docker

. # Usage:workdir/path Workdir ~/How to use Dockerfiles Using Dockerfiles and manually using Docker daemon is as simple as running a command. Output as new mirror ID after script runs # Build a image using the Dockerfile at current location # Example:sudo Docker build-t [name]. sudo docker build-t My_mongodb. Dockerfile Example One: Create a MongoDB mirror In this section, we'll step through the creation of a dockfile, which can be used to build MongoDB mirrors and build mongodb containers. Cre

Python Cookbook (3rd edition) Chinese version pdf

: Network Disk DownloadContent Introduction······"Python Cookbook (3rd edition) Chinese version" describes the Python application in various areas of the use of techniques and methods, its topics cover the data structure and algorithms, strings and text, numbers, dates and times, iterators and generators, files and I/O, data encoding and processing, functions, Classes and objects, metaprogramming, modules a

The 3rd edition of the "jquery Combat": the translator Frank Xu Lei

jQuery as the most Popular front-end development Framework! Is the Web front-end development necessary skills! I am very honored to participate in the translation of theJQuery in Action"3rd edition, which isJQuerythe FatherJohn Resigand theJQueryChairman of the FoundationDave MethvinHighly recommended books. This book isJQueryThe most classic learning Book of the field, not one of which is also Manning (Ma

Read the Design Book (3rd edition) PDF download Full HD Scan Original

and her children used cardboard to make Christmas trees, steal toilet paper from public toilets, learn 50 ways to cook beans and so on. Imagine how sad it is to be in a pinch. But she has amazing learning ability, in order to support the family, every day part-time work more than one job, until the children grow up. In the late 70, when he changed his major to graphic design, she first came into contact with the design and fell in love with it all at once.The Non-designer ' Sxxbook is a series

Basic algorithm design and Analysis (3rd edition) reading notes (and several translation errors ~ ~)

Algorithm design and Analysis Foundation (3rd edition) P16 In-place translated for ' reign '? ' in place ' more appropriate point P38 amortized should be translated as ' averaging ', the word ' amortization ' is simply baffling (perhaps because the translation is done by algorithmic trading?). ) P64 iterations are better than recursion (iterations are always incremental, and recursion is not increme

What are I writing when I am writing a program?

After I wrote the title, I faced a whiteboard and found that I did not know what to write. Maybe I have not prepared this topic yet. The title of a village spring tree is perhaps because I want to express some blues, so I should write it as a nostalgia. I remember when I was in college, my classmates were writing C ++ programs using vc6, and I wrote them using Vim under cygwin in order to mark the new version, later, I installed a fedora 5 on my joy

The 3rd edition of Python core programming Chinese version pdf

import and test 22.2.5 reference count 22.2.6 thread and Global Interpreter lock (GIL) 22.3 Related Topics 22.4 Practice Chapter 23rd Other topics 23.1 Web services 23.2 using WIN32 COM to operate Microsoft Office23.2.1 Client COM programming 23.2.2 Microsoft Excel23.2.3 Microsoft Word 1th python core 23.2.4 Microsoft PowerPoint23.2.5 Microsoft Outlook23.2.6 Medium Size Example 23.3 write Python and Java programs with Jython 23.3.1 What is Jython23.4 practice 23.2.4 Microsoft PowerPoint23.2.5 M

Object-oriented Software engineering: Working with UML, schemas, and Java (3rd edition) pdf

48916.3.4 process contains how many steps 49016.3.5 need to control and monitor 4911 6.3.6 when to redefine a project objective 49216.4 law Field 49216.4.1 Royce Methodology 49316.4.2 Extreme Programming (XP) 49616.4.3 Rugby methodology 50016.5 Case study 50516.5.1 XP project: ATRAC T 50616.5.2 Local main customer: FRIEND 50816.5.3 Distributed project: JAMES 51316.5.4 Case Study summary 51816.6 recommended readings 52116.7 Exercise 521 Part 4 Appendix Appendix A design Pattern 525a.1 Abstrac T

JavaScript Advanced Programming (3rd edition) pdf

67724.3.3 Compression 67924.4 Summary 68125th Chapter Emerging API 68225.1 Requestanimationframe () 68225.1.1 Early Animation cycle 68225.1.2 Cycle interval Problem 68325.1.3 Mozrequestanimation-frame 68325.1.4 Webkitrequestanima-tionframe and Msrequest-animationframe 68525.2 Page Visibility API 68625.3 geolocation API 68725.4 File API 68925.4.1 FileReader Type 69025.4.2 reading part of content 69225.4.3 Object URL 69325.4.4 reading drag-and-drop files 69425.4.5 uploading files using XHR 69525.

"Crazy Java Handout (3rd edition)". (Li Gang)--java naming rules and coding specifications

circumstances to 8 screen around to display. This makes it difficult to read a program or modify a program. It is therefore advisable to extract the block that completes the comparison of independent functions as a single function. A block that accomplishes the same or similar function is extracted independently of a sub-function. It can be found that the simpler the upper-level function is, the more specific work is done by invoking a few sub-functions, the more the underlying function complet

"Linux command line and Shell Scripting Encyclopedia 3rd Edition"

50423.6 zsh Script Programming 50823.6.1 Mathematical Operations 50823.6.2 Structured Commands 50923.6.3 function 51023.7 Summary 510Part IV Creating a useful script24th. Writing a simple script utility24.1 Archive 51424.2 Managing user Accounts 523Features required by 24.2.1 52324.2.2 Creating a script 53024.2.3 Running script 53524.3 Monitoring disk space 537Features required by 24.3.1 53724.3.2 Creating a script 54024.3.3 Running script 54124.4 Su

"Update complete" Linux command line and Shell script Programming Daquan (3rd edition) reading notes 21-26 chapters

= 0;i = 1; does {total + = $i; i++} while (total Gawk ' {total =0;-(i = 1;i Chapter 23rd using other shellsYou can try to learn to use zsh and support modularity.24th. Writing a simple script utilitySlightly25th. Create DATABASE, Web, and e-mail related scriptsThe side that writes the script to MySQL is available:MySQL mytest-u test Show tables;SELECT * FROM Employees where salary > 40000;Eofecho "This is a text message." | mail-s "Subject" [email pr

Computer Programming Art (first volume) basic algorithm 3rd edition PDF

Language 1441.3.3. Applications to permutations 1641.4. Some fundamental programming Techniques 1801.4.1. Subroutines 1801.4.2. Coroutines 1931.4.3. Interpretive Routines 2001.4.3.1. A NIX Simulator 202" Trace Routines 2121.4.4. Input and Output 2151.4.5. History and Bibliography 229Chapter 2 Information Structures 2322.1. Introduction 2322.2. Linear Lists 2382.2.1. Stacks, Queues, and Deques 2382.2.2. Sequential Allocation 2442.2.3. Linked Allocation 2542.2.4. Circular Lists 2732.2.5.

Python Cookbook (3rd edition) Chinese version: 15.13 pass a null-terminated string to the C function library

;>Print_chars.Argtypes=(cTYPES.C_char_p,)>>> print_chars (b " Hello World ' ) 48 6c 6c 6f (6f) 6c 64>>> print_chars (b ' hello\x00 World ' 48 6c 6c 6f>>> print_chars ' Hello World ' ) traceback (most recent call last): File "1, argument 1: >>> If you want to pass a string instead of a byte, you need to perform a manual UTF-8 encoding first. For example:Print_chars(' Hello World '). Encode(' utf-8 '))6c 6c 6f, 6f 6c>>> For other extension tools (such as Swig, Cython),When you use them

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