Does Operations on blob fields in Oracle produce a large number of redo operations?

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Does Operations on blob fields in Oracle produce a large number of redo operations?

Check whether the blob field produces a large number of redo operations. The answer is no. Here is an experiment to test whether the Oracle database version is

Install Oracle 11gR2 (x64) in CentOS 6.4)

Steps for installing Oracle 11gR2 in vmwarevm

Install Oracle 11g XE R2 In Debian
-- Create a table for testing
Create table test_blob
Id number,
Tupian blob

Import java. io. FileInputStream;
Import java. io. OutputStream;
Import java. SQL. Connection;
Import java. SQL. DriverManager;
Import java. SQL. ResultSet;
Import java. SQL. SQLException;
Import java. SQL. Statement;

Import oracle. SQL. BLOB;

Public class BlobExample {
Static final String driver_class = "oracle. jdbc. driver. OracleDriver ";
Static final String connectionURL = "jdbc: oracle: thin: @ 1521: orcl ";
Static final String userID = "test ";
Static final String userPassword = "test ";

Private void insertTestBlob (){
Connection conn = null;
Statement stm = null;
ResultSet rs = null;
BLOB blob = null;
FileInputStream fin = null;
OutputStream out = null;
Try {
Conn = DriverManager. getConnection (connectionURL, userID, userPassword );
Stm = conn. createStatement ();
Conn. setAutoCommit (false );
String SQL = "insert into test_blob values (1, EMPTY_BLOB ())";
Cmd.exe cuteUpdate (SQL );
Rs = cmd.exe cuteQuery ("SELECT tupian FROM test_blob WHERE id = 1 for update ");
Fin = new FileInputStream ("d: // 20130317.jpg ");
Byte [] blobBuf = new byte [(int) fin. available ()];
Fin. read (blobBuf );
Fin. close ();

If (rs. next ()){
Blob = (oracle. SQL. BLOB) rs. getBlob (1 );
Out = blob. getBinaryOutputStream ();
Out. write (blobBuf );
Out. close ();
Conn. commit ();
} Catch (Exception e ){
E. printStackTrace ();
} Finally {
Try {
Rs. close ();
Stm. close ();
Conn. close ();
} Catch (SQLException e ){
E. printStackTrace ();
Public static void main (String args []) {
BlobExample blobClobExample = new BlobExample ();
BlobClobExample. insertTestBlob ();

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