Download and installation of Windows System SVN and Apache

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Original: Windows system svn and Apache download and installation

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Download SVN and Apache,



There are several versions of SVN, and each version has its own website. Originally the official website is, has now moved to the, but the Apache website only provides the SVN update information, itself does not exist the SVN software download, However, there is a list of websites that provide all versions of the download link.

In the download list above, Windows has a total of 5 download versions, respectively


CollabNet is the most powerful, because SVN's founder is collabnet, but this version because of the most features, so the entire package is the most bloated, the installation package has more than 100 m, and because it is running on the Java platform, to occupy a lot of memory resources.

SLIKSVN and WIN32SVN The two basic is the same, all only SVN kernel, no interface, that is, use only command line operation. The two are slightly different, such as WIN32SVN provides the library file with Apache, and SLIKSVN does not.

VISUALSVN server is the most fool of svn, installation and configuration is a graphical interface, easy to operate.

WANdisco has not been used, for the time being unclear.

The most primitive svn (SLIKSVN and WIN32SVN), there is no client and service side of the points, itself SVN is both the server and the client. Equivalent to version control on the local computer. CollabNet and VISUALSVN server have provided remote HTTPS protocol access and the ability to submit updates. For the original SVN, it can be combined with Apache to achieve this function.

Specifically, this is the WIN32SVN, which is equivalent to the previous to the official online svn (now not provided SVN download, The specific reason is unknown), because it is the core of SVN, so the installation file is relatively small, only 6.7M, which already contains the operating manual. The SVN and Apache configuration to be introduced next will be configured as described in the operating manual.

Download and installation of Windows System SVN and Apache

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