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Windows optimization master is currently applicable to Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista at the same time. When Windows optimization master is running, it will automatically detect the user's operating system, different functional modules, options, and interfaces are provided to users based on different operating systems.
Update log:
1. Improved system information detection.
(1) added support for SMSC super I2C I/O SERIES sensor chips (support for fan, motherboard temperature and CPU temperature detection );
Emc6d103 and lpc47m192
(2) added support for the maxim I2C series sensor chips (support for motherboard temperature and CPU temperature );
Max1617/a, max6657
(3) Redefine the it87 pin of the gigabyte 8ipe1000p2 motherboard;
(4) enhanced detection of the Intel ich South Bridge SMBus controller;
(5) The usage time unit of the Samsung hard disk is adjusted incorrectly;
(6) improved the acquisition of DirectX versions;
(7) updated the chip analysis database and provided an online upgrade interface for the database.
2. The old software interface settings are restored and enhanced. When the new interface runs slowly on a low-performance system, you can choose to restore the old interface.
3. Improved smart uninstall of software.
4. added the disk optimization settings wizard.
5. added the desktop optimization settings wizard.
6. added an analysis of invalid items in the personalized Start Menu after XP in registry cleanup.
7. Improved junk file cleanup.
8. Improved the input method adjustment module in the system personality settings.
9. Other minor adjustments and improvements.
Registration machine instructions for use:
1. Open the windows optimization master, click on the right of the software to enter, enter more than 8 letters in the pop-up dialog box, and then click the Enter key on the keyboard. A dialog box is displayed, click "cancel". The registration application code 34924 is provided in the first pop-up dialog box of the software. Copy the registration application code and then close the master optimization. Remember to close the master optimization.
2. Open the registration machine and enter the registration application code 34924 in the machine code box of the registration machine. The registration machine automatically gives the registration code, and paste the string of characters into the notepad to save it.
3. Enter Regedit in Start> run to open the registry, find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ wom, and create two new strings named "register" (the key value is the registration name) and "licno" (the key value is "the copied string character" identification code removed-No.). If there is no "licno", right-click to create the string value "licno ".
4. In the last step, re-open the master of optimization, click Register, paste all the removed-strings into the first input box (important), and then click Register for authentication!
Cracked version description:
1. Original cracking, no shelling, no startup screen modification, no personal information added;
2. Remove unnecessary images from the upper left corner;
3. Remove the Upgrade button and upgrade Program (Because the version upgrade is meaningless );
4. You can select the installation path and create a shortcut on the desktop. If you are allergic to installation, you can also decompress the package directly (because the new version of disk sorting requires registration of components, You need to manually use regsvr32 to register woptidefrag. dll/woptidefragvista. DLL file ).

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