Dr.com Broadband authentication Client sharing Internet cracking method

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1) dr.com3.53 cracked

Overwrite files in downloaded compressed package to dr.com directory

2) dr.com3.70-3.73 General cracking

  The first method:

Replaces the Drcomdll.dll in the dr.com directory. There are two files in the package, an original DLL, and the other one is cracked version. Replace the cracked version of the DLL to change the name of the line. After the replacement is successful, go directly to the network and plug in the WiFi.

  The second method:

A) Download dr.com3.73 cracked package, in theory, the other 3.70 versions of the

b First uninstall your own dr.com3.73, then install and crack the DR3.73 in the package.

(c) cover all files in the "Dr.com Broadband Authentication Client" in the package to the directory where the dr.3.73 is just installed. Then log on to the client.

3) dr.com5.2 cracked

  The first method:

A) do not open the Dr.com client first. Download dr.com5.2 cracked replacement file, unzip and then copy the file directly into the drcom Drupdateclient folder cover.

(b) Do not open the client when overwriting. Upon completion, log on to the client

c) After a while, will play the Transfer Upgrade Client dialog box, point cancellation, in the settings, cancel unattended Automatic Updates

Note: But the next time you log in to overwrite this file, or will be automatically kicked off

e If you use file replacement directly to cause you can't log in or break the network please keep looking.

D Download the dr.com5.2 client in the link below and overwrite it with the cracked file in the link above, then log in and use the Traffic monitoring tool to prevent the update process from accessing the network

F Login A good client and use the dr.com5.2 terminator a key to crack

Want to download the installation package can be downloaded here Oh!

  The second method:

A) Download the perfect cracked version of the dr.com5.2 installation package

b) Use cracked version landing

c) Plug in a small wifi

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