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1. With Dreamweaver 4.0 easy design will automatically adjust the Web page

The first thing you need to ensure is that your page content is formatted with a table, and then open the page you want to edit, press "Ctrl+f6" or "menu" View→tableview→layout? View transition to Layout view. You can see the width of the cell, and a small drop-down arrow next to the column width number, click the small arrow above the column that you want to flex, and then select "Set the Columns to Flex" (Make Column Autostretch). A wavy line appears above the column box, rather than a number that just represents the column width. When you're done, your page becomes a resilient page. In addition, you need to note that the page does not have large size pictures.

2. Use Dreamweaver 4.0 to make Flash button with flashing effect

Select Menu Insert→interactive? Images→flash? button to see which inline buttons are available. In the pop-up dialog box, you can choose the button style you want in the style list, and you can see how the style works in the Preview (Sample) window. After choosing good, in "button?" Text window to enter the text above the button, select the font in the Font window, type the text in the Size window, enter the target of the link in the Link window, select the way the link opens in the target window, select the button background color in "bgcolor", and in the " Save? As window to enter the saved file name. Once you've done this, press the "OK" button and you're done with a flash button. This button will also automatically insert your Web page, and then in the Dreamweaver edit window to select the button you just made, the property window will display the properties of the button, click the "Play" button, you can directly in the editing window preview the flashing effect of this button. Note that this feature of dreamweaver?4.0 does not support Chinese fonts.

3. Customizing keyboard shortcuts in Dreamweaver 4.0

Select Menu "Edit→keyboard?" Shortcuts ", the list of shortcuts that are currently enabled and can be changed is listed in the dialog box, where you can change the shortcut keys to your own custom. To change the shortcut, first select the command you want to change, select the current shortcut, and the shortcut will appear in the Shortcuts list, then enter the shortcut you want to use in the Press key window and click the Change button to complete. You can also use the "+", "-" button to add or remove the current shortcut keys.

4. Let dreamweaver?4.0 and fireworks integrate

If you have Dreamweaver/fireworks installed on your computer, you can use the integrated Fireworks features provided by dreamweaver?4.0. With this feature you can modify your GIF image to make it more appealing and easy to animate. In the Dreamweaver edit window select the gif you want to modify, and then click the Edit button in the Picture Properties window, and the system will automatically start the fireworks software to edit this picture. Look carefully, you will find fireworks the picture editing window has appeared editing? From? Dreamweaver such words and drawings, that is, this picture is for the Dreamweaver page to edit the picture. Now we choose the picture to edit in Fireworks, select the menu "Modify→animate→animate?" Selection ". Set the properties of the animation in the pop-up window: the number of frames selected, the direction in which the animation moves, transparency, and so on. Then, you can export the modified file. In this way, the Dreamweaver edit window will automatically update the file you just modified to make your page picture move.

5. Use the website to report the device skillfully

The dreamweaver?4.0 provides a web site-reporting device that can help you quickly find and fix bugs in numerous files on your site. Click the menu "Site→reports" to start the report, select the item you want to check, and then click the "Run" button to find out the general problems on your site. You can also write your own report to find out some of the special problems on the site (usually the text is missing or the document is not named).

6. Rapid Recovery Multiple operations

When making a page, we may need to constantly modify the page, sometimes to restore the past operation, we can use the "Edit" menu of "Undo" command, but this command can only be restored at a time, if we need to restore multiple operations, it will continue to "undo", it is too annoying. The dreamweaver?4.0 provides a History window that allows us to easily recover multiple operations. Choose "History" on the Windows menu to open this History window. In this window you keep every operation, using the slide pointer on the left side of the window, you can keep resuming, and you can undo every operation, including the one that has been filed. You can also save this history record and share it.

7. Hide Floating Panel

Open Dreamweaver, give people the first impression is a pile of floating panels, often make you dazzling, although it can be dragged open, but after all occupy a very limited screen, if it closed, and then to use it to open. In fact, you just click the F4 key, all the floating panels are missing, and then press F4 they all reappear on the screen.

8. Quick Preview Page

Beginner Dreamweaver, often can not find the preview menu, have to start another IE browser to preview the actual effect of the page. In fact, Dreamweaver's preview menu is placed under the File menu, to preview the page being edited, press F12 key on it, it is convenient! You can also set up a preview in a different browser and select Edit in the preview in browser under the File menu The Browser list allows you to select a different browser to preview. To test the adaptability of your Web pages to different browsers.

9. Display line numbers and wrapping in the HTML check window

Although Dreamweaver's behaviors is a huge set of JavaScript applet, many JavaScript programs that implement special web effects do not have to do programming, but sometimes it is necessary to write a small program, the display of the line number is particularly important, Especially in the process of error, often there is a hint in the "XX line there are errors", if a line to go number line number is not only too tired and easy to make mistakes, in FrontPage is always a number of wrong lines and worry. Handy in Dreamweaver, as long as you select the line Numbers check box in the HTML Source Viewer window, the line number is automatically displayed in the Source Code Viewer window for each HTML statement, at a glance. Also sometimes a line of code is longer, as long as the Warp check box is selected in the HTML Source Inspector window, the automatic line wrapping feature of the window is activated, and the long code automatically wraps back from the edge of the window.

10. How to get the color of the hexadecimal code

When you design a Web page, you sometimes use the 16 color code, used to be a headache for this, in Dreamweaver as long as the property panel in the "BG" side of the small box on the lower right corner of the small triangle, in the pop-up color board, the mouse pointed to where, immediately can display the corresponding color of the 16 code, really convenient.

11. Making Background music

It's very easy to insert background music into Dreamweaver, and here are two ways to choose from.

(1) Insert an empty layer where the page is inconspicuous, and put a Activx object in the layer, double-click the object, select a MIDI music file in the Open dialog box, and then set its visibility to "Hidden" in the Layer object Properties panel, save the changes and press F12 to preview the page. Listen to the sound of music.

(2) Another method is to use the Dreamweaver "behaviors" behavior editor, click the "+" button, select the "Play Sound" option, in the pop-up dialog box to select a music file. Try it yourself!

12. Let the background picture not scroll

Unlike FrontPage, the background image that is inserted in Dreamweaver scrolls with the text. Sometimes we need to make a fixed background picture, how to do? First, define a background image, press "F10" to open the HTML source file, and find the statement that defines the background picture, such as Background=″images/background. Jpg″, empty a lattice behind it and add a sentence of Bgproperties=″fixed″. Preview, is not a little sense of accomplishment.

13. Define text that is unchanged in size

Why other people on the page of the text so beautiful, no matter how you press the size of the browser font button, their font size will not be changed. In fact, they use the Web page "CSS" style sheet technology, in the Dreamweaver to achieve this function is very simple. Start the stylesheet editor by pressing "F7" or by selecting the Style Sheet option on the Window menu. Right-click in the window select New, enter the name of the style sheet you want to define in the pop-up dialog box, press OK, then select the first item "type" in the list, and define the parameters for the specific Text property ( Generally speaking, the size of the text in the 800x600 screen to select 10.5 more appropriate), press "OK", the definition of a good style sheet appears. Select the text in the page Editing window, and click the new style sheet name to see the changes that have occurred in the selected text. Preview, try the defined text font size will not change with the browser's choice of font size.

14. Insert Flash Animation

Macromedia Company's Flash animation because of its interactivity, transmission speed and other characteristics, has gradually become a Web page production of a new weapon, if your Web page can be inserted into a flash animation, then it will make your work a lot of color. It's easy to insert a Flash SWF format animation in Dreamweaver, click the Flash logo on the object toolbar, or flash under Media, to open the dialog box for the SWF animation file, and select the file to set the playback parameters in its properties panel. That's it.

15. Let the table to the page to leave White

When entering text on a new Dreamweaver page, the default format is indomitable and very unattractive. To avoid this shortcoming is actually very simple, as long as we use the table tools on the line. Insert a center-aligned table on a new page, and in order to make the table easy to control, it's best to set the odd sequence and not the value too large. The text that is entered in the cell is limited to a region that can adjust its width freely.

16. Change the status bar prompt text

Typically, when a browser loads a page, it displays the address name of the page in its status bar, very inflexible. Have you ever thought about adding a little personality to the browser's status bar? If so, please follow the steps below to customize your favorite text! First open the Behaviors Behavior Editing window, click the + button, and select "Text of Status" under set Text set Bar option, and then enter your own text in the box, such as "Welcome to my home page", and click OK.

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