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I believe that most of my friends have installed Windows XP on their computers. The new system has the advantages of a new system, but there are also some annoying points, such as after each reinstallation of the system, do you always find a lot of eye-catching folders in the famous "My Documents? 1 shows the most common folders. In addition, these folders all have a feature, that is, they will come back after each deletion in a few days, and become a group of lingering, unhurried customers, Lenovo to the days before, the "rogue software" advertised on the media gave this folder an image and a special name, called "rogue folder ".

How did these folders come from?

In fact, although these folders all have bad faults, not every folder is useless, for example, "My received files" are used for Microsoft's MSN Messenger software to receive direct files from the other party, however, since we were used to creating related folders and placing them in corresponding partitions to manage these files, we naturally thought they were useless. In the end, we still want to invite these uninvited customers out of our computer, but it is obviously difficult to rely only on the previous crude deletion, and we have to start from the sources of these folders.

In fact, the reason why these folders can be automatically generated after they are deleted is that they are all system components or applications.ProgramTake "My music" for example. It is actually the place where Windows Media Player stores the compressed CD songs. When we delete this folder for the first time, generally, it will not be automatically generated. However, if we enable media player to compress a song or only view the Media Player option settings once, the software will check the folder, if it finds that the specified folder is missing, it will automatically be generated again for normal running of the program. This is the real reason why we cannot delete these folders for a long time.

How can we bring these "Uninvited customers" out of the system?

After knowing the true world of these folders, it is much easier to ask them out of the system. Next I will introduce the removal methods for each folder.

"My received files "--

Folder Source: MSN Messenger receives files from the recipient by default.

Software Version: MSN Messenger 7.0

Remove Method: click "Tools" menu> "options", and click the "file transfer" tab in the pop-up "options" dialog box, in this case, the default file storage location in the right window is exactly the "My received files" folder in my documents, click "change" to move the default folder to another location. In this case, delete the "My received files" folder in "My Documents" and you don't have to worry about making a comeback.

"My eBooks "--

Folder Source: a default PDF document management folder of Adobe PDF Reader

Software Version: Adobe PDF Reader 6.0

Remove Method: Go to the "plug_ins" subdirectory of the Adobe PDF Reader installation directory and press ebook. API, ebook. CHS files, remove them from the directory, and then delete the "My eBooks" folder from "My documents.

"My music "--

Folder Source: the default storage place after Windows Media Player compresses the CD into a WMA file

Software Version: Windows Media Player 10

Remove Method: click "Tools"> "options" on the main interface of Windows Media Player, and click the "record music" tab in the pop-up window, then, use the "change" button to change the default save path marked by the red box to another location, and then delete the "my music" folder in "My documents "..
"My videos "--

Folder Source: the software that generates this folder may sound unfamiliar to you. It is called Windows Movie Maker and its main function is to edit digital videos, this program usually exists in the "Start" menu> "accessories> entertainment" and is easy to use. However, since dvss are not widely used in China, there are few friends who use this software, the final video file generated by the software is stored in this folder by default.

Version: Windows Movie Maker 5.1.

Removal Method: it is not as easy as the previous ones to remove. Unlike the software mentioned above, you can find the corresponding setting change command in the settings of the software, therefore, we cannot change the settings to prevent it from automatically generating folders. This software, as a built-in program of the system, cannot be simply deleted by the user through the "control panel". Therefore, in addition to not executing the software, at present, there are no methods suitable for common users. (Of course, if we do not execute this program at ordinary times, we can directly Delete the folder in "My documents", because even after the deletion, the software will not check whether the folder exists, and automatically generated)

"Image favorites "--

Folder Source: this folder is probably one of the most widely seen by friends. from Windows ME to Windows 2000 to Windows XP, it has never been around for a long time, its source is also different from several other folders, because it is the unique "royal lineage" (which comes with the system)

Software Version: Windows XP

Remove Method: it should be said that this folder is easy to use, and it has become the default image folder for many Microsoft programs (such as office software). If not necessary, try not to delete it. Of course, if your determination is determined, you only need to enter the following command "regsvr32/u mydocs. DLL "and press enter to delete the" image favorites "folder.

Tips] To restore this function, you only need to enter "regsvr32 mydocs. dll" in the command prompt line again.

[Tips] If You Want To carefully understand the regsvr32 command usage, you can refer to an article on this site.ArticleUse regsvr32 to solve windows intractable diseases for you OS /win/350/2066850.shtml, which gives a detailed description of the command.


So far, how to delete "rogue Folders" has been introduced to everyone. In fact, the so-called "rogue folder" is just a name given by the author, and each folder has its own purpose, whether these folders are useful to you or not, please keep your eyes open. Never let everyone go and run all the folders.

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