Dual-graphics card installation of Fedora 20

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The computer CPU has a core graphics card, and the independent graphics card is NVIDIA's geforce. When fedora 20 64-bit is installed, it generally has a priority. There is a video card startup option in the computer bios. PCIe or igfx, PCIe is an independent video card, and igfx is an integrated Intel Core display. Perform two experiments.

1. Set the BIOS display to PCIe without disabling the kernel display. If you insert the VGA of the monitor into the core display, the independent video card is enabled at startup. However, the independent video card is not connected to the monitor and the screen is not bright. After the startup is complete, the system automatically recognizes the core and correctly connects the monitor.

2. If the BIOS settings remain unchanged and the VGA of the monitor is connected to the dedicated display, everything works normally during startup.

3. Set the BIOS to igfx and connect the VGA of the monitor to the core. Everything works normally.

4. the BIOS settings remain unchanged. Connect the VGA of the monitor to the dedicated display and start properly. The fedora system is abnormal.

The preceding situation can be expressed in a table:


VGA igfx | VGA PCIe


BiOS igfx display boot is normal, the system does not display


The BIOS PCIe system is not properly displayed.


We can see that fedora 20 does not support dual-card graphics. If an exclusive display is used, enable the BIOS as PCIe, disable the core display, and connect the VGA to the PCIe. If the kernel is used, the BIOS boot item is set to igfx, And the VGA is connected to the interface on the motherboard.

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