Efficient Desktop Connection: [automatically restore folders and programs before the computer is closed]

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Efficient Desktop Connection: [automatically restore folders and programs before the computer is closed]


For many friends, daily boot work is only a continuation of the previous day, so the first thing every day is to restore the computer to the state when it was shut down the previous day. Is there any good way?

Day-to-day manual recovery can be said to be time-consuming and laborious. Although the sleep method is feasible, it will lose the chance of clearing the memory. So how can we make the computer automatically return to the status of the last shutdown in an efficient state, saving us valuable time?

Manual solution to Common Operations

Manual setting can solve some problems with low requirements, such as folder window, open webpage, and Word editing status.


1. automatically restore the folder window

Open the resource manager window, click "Tools> Folder Options" in the menu bar, open the "Folder Options" dialog box, and switch to the "View" tab, in the "Advanced Settings" column, select the "restore previous folder window upon Logon" option and click "OK. In this way, when the computer is closed in the folder window and the computer is re-opened, the folder window that has been opened will be automatically restored to the last state (figure 1 ).

2. Enter the Word editing status quickly

Open the Word window, click "Tools> macros> recording new macros" in the menu bar, and enter autoexec under the "macro name" text in the displayed "Recording macros" dialog box, click OK to close the dialog box, and then click File in the menu bar. In the displayed menu, select the first file name displayed in the recently opened file list, click "stop recording" to complete recording. In this way, The Last edited document will be automatically opened the next time you open the Word program.

3. easily open the last webpage

If you want your computer to automatically open the web page you browsed last time after it is started, ie is still hard to implement. You can select another browser, such as Chrome.


Open the Chrome browser, click the wrench button in the upper-right corner of the interface, and select the "option" command in the pop-up menu. This will open the browser setting interface, and then in the "Basic settings" option, select "re-open the last web page. In this way, no matter how many tabs are opened in Chrome, you can re-display them after restarting Chrome. Of course, do not forget to drag the Chr ome shortcut into the "Start" Column (figure 2 ).

Last state of Software Memory

In addition, you can use the "CYY super boot" software to automatically record the status of any software, folders, and webpages on the desktop during the last shutdown, so that you can choose to use it when you restart your computer.

First, make necessary settings. Open the program interface, switch to the "My startup" tab, check the "refresh" option, drag the slider, set the automatic refresh time, and then select the "Start at Boot" option to minimize the program.

Later, "CYY super startup" will detect the desktop status at the specified time and record it. No matter how many windows, web pages, or programs are enabled on the computer, all windows, web pages, or programs are automatically saved by the software. We only need to switch to the "My startup" tab in the program interface that opens after the boot, and then switch from the "webpage", "software", and "folder" tabs, double-click the project you opened last time to restore the project to its previous state.

It should be noted that the software records the history of all desktop projects, causing inconvenience to search. In this regard, you can click the "delete all history documents" button on the "configuration" interface to delete history records, so that the software can only record the latest status on the desktop.


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