Error memo _ Remote Desktop "connection to remote computer is interrupted. This may be caused by a network error. Connect to the remote computer again ."

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  • Remote Desktop Connection to remote computer is interrupted. This may be caused by a network error. Connect to the remote computer again ."
  • Software/hardware environment
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Remote Desktop Connection to remote computer is interrupted. This may be caused by a network error. Connect to the remote computer again ."

Recently I bought a small brand of Chongqing "zhengrui" server I1TS3-2536, only 3000. After reading this for a while, there were more than 4000 tower servers with better big brands and no hard disks for better machines. I had to purchase another hard disk, not to use U-type servers. I had already decided to buy a desktop. Now I saw "Zheng Rui" and thought it was not bad. All of them had "ma que although it was small and dirty ". Except for the CPU, other hardware is the same, such as DDR3 ECC memory, which can be extended to 32 GB; SATA Raid Controller, with 6 hard disk bits ......

After obtaining this information, enable the Remote Desktop of the server. The Remote Desktop cannot be connected from the client, as shown in.

I have never seen this error before. Remote Desktop is not connected due to improper configuration or server firewall blocking. But the strange thing about this error is:

  • The Remote Desktop configuration is okay, and the firewall is disabled, but it is disconnected when the server is connected.
  • The error window is not displayed immediately. After you enter the server password, the desktop of the remote computer is displayed, but the screen is black.
  • When the desktop of the remote computer is not black, I tried it multiple times and only once saw the normal desktop, but the error window will pop up later.
  • From the start of Remote Desktop, to entering the server password, and finally to the pop-up error form, the connection is obviously slow.
  • It is possible to connect to other computers through remote desktop on the server side, that is, it will obviously feel slow.


Software/hardware environment
  • Server
    • Zheng Rui I1TS3-2536, dual Gigabit Nic
    • Windows Server 2008 R2
    • The company's intranet is a m Switch
  • Client
    • Windows Server 2003


Error Analysis

The Remote Desktop configuration is correct, and the firewall is disabled. After you enter the server user name and password, wait for a while and the connection is disconnected. An error message is displayed.

During this period, I also reinstalled the server's operating system. I don't like what they installed. It feels like a cloned system. I am worried about some inexplicable problems in the future.

You can also use Remote Desktop on the server to connect to other computers, but it will obviously feel slow. This indicates that the Remote Desktop configuration is correct.

Searching for this error on the Internet is not reliable. It should not be a problem with the Remote Desktop on the server, because the Remote Desktop is connected at first, but it is disconnected for some reason. Just like the slow speed of the network, for example, the hub used earlier, because it is not smart enough, if there is a virus in the LAN, there will be a "broadcast storm", blocking all ports.



Later, I just took out my new Gigabit Switch. First, I wanted to simplify the environment, and second, I wanted to see if there were any problems with the new switch. As a result, a new vswitch is used, and the Remote Desktop can be connected normally.

This is a little revolutionary to my previous ideas. The server is a gigabit Nic and the switch is a hundred megabytes. Isn't the Remote Desktop adaptive?

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