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method One, add single quotation mark method

This is one of the easiest ways to all you have to do is add a single quote in front of 0, which applies to the occasional number that starts with 0, if it's a mass or whole row or whole column, or even an area that needs to enter a number that starts with 0, then you can do two of the following methods.

  Method two, Set cell format method

This method is done by changing the numeric format of the default cell, let's set the cell to the text type, select the number cell that you want to start with 0, then right-click, select Format Cell from the shortcut menu, and then select text on the Number tab.

The above is the solution to the number of Excel input 0 or Excel input 0 does not show two ways but sometimes in the input cell is the real value, and there are a lot of 0 of the results, and sometimes really do not want to show these numbers with 0, that is, as long as 0 to become blank, At this point we can use the following steps to implement, select the menu bar "tools → options" in the "View" tab, click to cancel "0 value" before the "√" option, a cell with a value of 0 on the current worksheet will all appear blank, but if you need to display a value of 0 in a subset of cells, That's not the way to do it, because it's set for all cells.

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