excel vba enter value into multiple cells

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How to access values and manipulate cells in a cell with VBA code in Excel 2003-Columns of Tang and song ci-Blog Channel-csdn.net

cell at the intersection of RowIndex and Columindex, starting with 1, and filling in the number by 1 increments per row.rowindex = Val(InputBox("Please enter row number.", , 1))columnindex = Val(InputBox("Please enter column number.", , 1))For i = 1 To rowindex For j = 1 To columnindex Cells(i, j) = (i - 1) * columnindex + j Next jNext iWhen the

Use VBA to enter formulas in cells in the VBA research loop

IamlaosongLooking at a simple loop program, after VBA reads the data from the database, you need to enter a summation formula in the last cell:The formula means cells (i, 9) = Cells (I, 6) + cells (i,7) +cells (I, 8), where rc[-

Application of VBA in Excel (1): change the background color of cells meeting the condition

When using EXCEL to process data, it is a good choice to add a background color to cells to clearly mark cells that meet specific conditions. Manual processing is simple and quick, but it takes a lot of time and effort to handle large volumes of data ). Code processing is a good choice. Excel can process internal data

Use VBA to implement Excel to merge adjacent cells of the same content

cell may not be the same as the current cell value.At this point, you need to choose a priority, priority to the row merge or priority to the column merge.Sub mergecellswithsamevalue () application.screenupdating = False Application.DisplayAlerts = False Dim R as I Nteger Dim C as Integer Sheet1.UsedRange.EntireRow.AutoFit Sheet1.UsedRange.EntireColumn.AutoFit sheet1.us Edrange.horizontalalignment = Xlcenter Sheet1.UsedRange.VerticalAlignment = Xlcenter for r = Sheet1.UsedRange.Ro Ws.

VBA macros in Excel tables help you split the numbers in two cells conditionally

The Excel worksheet has two numbers in A1 cells and B1 cells. These two numbers are a bit the same, now you want to find the same number and write to cell C1, find the numbers in the A1 that are not in the B1 and write to the cell D1, find the numbers in B1 that are not in A1 and write to cell E1. As in the following worksheet picture: I don't know

VBA macros in Excel tables split the numbers in two cells conditionally

There's a friend. The A1 cells and B1 cells in the Excel worksheet have two digits, and the two numbers are the same, now you want to find the same number and write to cell C1, find the numbers in the A1 that are not in the B1 and write to cell D1. Find the numbers in the B1 that are not in the A1 and write to cell E1. As in the following worksheet picture:

Add comments to merged cells in Excel with VBA

In Excel, you use VBA to add comments to the merged cells, using the AddComment to report directly:Run-time error ' 1004 ': application definition or object definition errorFind a lot of articles have not found how to solve, finally found in AddComment before, first clearcomments a bit, just fineExcel using VBA to add

Excel VBA macro. Some cells are automatically filled when a template is used to create a document.

Today, I wrote an Excel macro. When I create an Excel file based on a template, the content of some cells is automatically filled according to the current machine environment. The writing is clumsy, because you are not familiar with VBA and office events, and you are all looking at help. If you can give me some advice

Working with Excel using the Npoi plugin in ASP. (Import, export, merge cells, set style, enter formula)

PrefaceNpoi is a POI project. NET version, which does not use Office COM components and does not require Microsoft office to be installed, currently supports versions of Office 2003 and 2007.1, the entire Excel table is called the worksheet: WorkBook (Workbook), contains the called page (sheet): Sheet; row: row; cell.2, Npoi is the C # version of POI, Npoi row and column index are starting from 03, POI read Excel

Npoi Generate Excel (cell merge, set cell style: field, color, set cell as drop-down box and limit input values, set cells to enter only numbers, etc.)

Npio Source Address: Https://github.com/tonyqus/npoiNpio Use reference: Npoitest project in the source codeThe following code includes:1. Excel with multiple sheet2. Cell Merging3. Set cell style: field, color4. Set the cell as a drop-down box and limit the input value5. Set cells to enter only numbers // //GET:

Excel2007 enter the same content and formula in multiple cells

Many times we need to enter the same values in multiple cells in Excel, and these cells may be a number of nonadjacent positions, if a manual input that is a waste of time, there is no better way to have wood to enter the same con

Automatically enter data in Excel worksheet cells

, and then under Edit options, clear or select the Enable AutoComplete for cell values check box to turn off or turn on the automatic filling function for cell values. · Excel completes input only when the insertion point is at the end of the current cell's contents. · Excel can enter data into the active cell, which is the selected cell, based on the activity

How to Use VBA to copy data from multiple Excel files to an Excel file

informationActivesheet. PasteDim N as integerN = baselineStartline1 = n' the starting line for the parent account to Start copying 'Open each subaccount and copy the information to the parent accountFor I = 1 to countWorkbooks. Open filename: = currentpath Arr (I) 'Open the Excel file cyclicallySheets (1). SelectN = baseline'Start from the third line and find the end line of the subaccount InformationWith sheets (1)Do while.

Sum multiple numbers in 1 cells in Excel

such as a1=3779, 3759, 3769, 3781, 3750,a2 to A1 in the sum of 4 numbers how to beg! Please enlighten the master!Method three: Solve with VBA. Enter the VBE editing environment, insert the module, enter the code:Function cell sum (i as Range) Cell summation = Application.evaluate (Worksheetfunction.substitute (i, ",", "+"))End FunctionGo back to the table you

An Excel VBA Custom function (UFD) that can be tried multiple times to match and replace with more than one regular expression

, the regular expression can be written directly into the arguments of the formula, without having to be placed inside the cell and then referenced.FunctionRegexreplace (ByValText as String,ByValMatchpattern as String,ByValReplacePattern as String,Optional ByValIngorecase as Boolean=True) as String'by Jing He 2017-9-1DimRegex as NewRegExp withregex. Global=True . MultiLine=True . IgnoreCase=ingorecase. Pattern=MatchpatternEnd withIfRegex. Test (Text) ThenRegexreplace=Regex.Replace (Text,

Excel enters the same content in multiple cells

Many times we need to enter the same values in multiple cells in Excel, and these cells may be a number of nonadjacent positions, if a manual input that is a waste of time, there is no better way to have wood to enter the same con

Using VBA to save multiple worksheets in Excel, select the region as a CSV file.

It is often necessary to convert an Excel worksheet into a CSV file. The Save As function can only be used to operate on one worksheet, And the whole worksheet is always saved, for files with multiple worksheets, especially many files that do not need to be saved to the CSV file, this processing method will be very troublesome, therefore, VBA is used to save the

Multiple methods for calculating the number of rows and columns in the WPS table et Excel using VBA

becomes larger than it actually is. Method 4:activesheet.usedrange.specialcells (xlCellTypeLastCell). RowActiveSheet.UsedRange.SpecialCells (xlCellTypeLastCell). Column disadvantage: When a worksheet is deleted or cleared, it becomes larger than it actually is. Method 5:application.counta (ActiveSheet.Range ("a:a")) Application.counta (ActiveSheet.Range ("1:1") can only count the actual usage of one column (row), not the position of the last row (column). When the

Lock multiple specified cells in an Excel table

For data in an Excel workbook, adding a password to the workbook is an easy and practical way to do so if we just want someone else to see it and not want it to be arbitrarily modified. In practice, when we protect data in some of the specified cells in an Excel workbook, we also have to allow others to modify the data in other

How Python gets the values of multiple Excel cells

;, 'Sheet'. b6>), ('Sheet'. A7>, 'Sheet'. b7>), ('Sheet'. A8>, 'Sheet'. b8>), ('Sheet'. A9>, 'Sheet'. b9>), ('Sheet'. A10>, 'Sheet'. b10>))This form of multi-layered nesting, we want to get the innermost cell object, we need to use a double for loop: forIteminchsh["A3":"B10"]:#item represents the cell tuple for each row forCellinchItem#Cell represents each cell object for each row Print(cell)#print out each cell objectOperation Result:'Sheet'. A3>'Sheet'. B3>'Sheet'. A4>'Sheet'. B4>'S

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