Excellent user experience Design: 15 different Ui/ux cases

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User interface and user experience (Ui/ux) is the key to any product success or failure, especially web,web is a kind of open, can be accessed by anyone anywhere anytime, a special product, the user's experience almost means everything, although the content is more important, but the content can be replaced, experience is unique, This article analyses 15 different ui/ux cases, the inspiration that the excellent user experience brings us is priceless.

The effect of motion disparity in content scrolling

Parallax scrolling is to allow multilayer backgrounds to move at different speeds to form a motion parallax 3D effect, although purely visual, but the visual experience formed when content scrolling is still excellent. Charlie Gentle ' s portfolio website is the best display of the effect, click the right and left navigation button, in addition to scrolling into different content areas, the top of the multi-layer background map to move at different speeds to form the 3D motion parallax effect is very beautiful.

The IPhone's slide-style refresh

Most of the IPhone's social networking apps include data refreshes, some dangling flash machines, some pressing a button, and, in my opinion, the best way to do this is to drop the refresh. This method is used by default in applications such as Gowalla, Foursquare, and Tweetie, and when you flip a list with your finger, if you want to refresh the data, your finger has not left that area, and if you use the button, the finger must leave the current position, resulting in inconsistent operation, But the slide type refreshes, the finger continues to stay in the original operation position, just changes the movement.

What we can learn from here is that you often check your UI to see if there is an operation that allows the user to shift attention.

Prompt interface anytime and anywhere

Some popular MAC programs are often in the background silently running, to the need for users to intervene when the pop-up interface, completed and silently disappeared, like the Hit List, anytime and anywhere will need to notify the message displayed, looks like the operating system itself.

Convertbot-Disc Menu

Convertbot is one of the few UI designs that actually doesn't work but is fun to use. This iphone app is used for unit conversions, and apps like the iphone App Store are endless, but none of this is so interesting. It designed a disk-type operation interface, very image, very beautiful, let people have to take out the impulse to use, this case tells us, sometimes, see also very important.

Slidedeck's accordion-type navigation

On the Web, the Content scrolling panel based on JQuery is very numerous, and Slidedeck is one of the best. Using a unique accordion interface to display content can be viewed as a horizontal version of the Outlook-style navigation panel, but the visuals and experience are superior.

Strongbad's random reply.

Strongbad is Homestarrunner launched the enduring cartoon image of the network animation, weekly, Strongbad will respond to the audience very funny mail, these messages slowly accumulate more recently, site developers to launch a random mail browsing function, click the Random button, Randomly select a past message to display like a lottery player. This random display is very vivid, so that people can not help but point. This UI case tells us that sometimes a slight change in your user interface can have unintended effects.

Made by Tinder theme color selection

This is a very mysterious small site, mysterious to We do not know what it is doing. But the top of this site, there are a few small color block, click, the entire site on the color of the colors on the hue of the color again, although very simple, but the user experience is really wonderful.

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