Experience in using Oracle and WebLogic in Linux

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Most of the time, the operating system is Windows, and Liunx is rarely understood.
During this time, an image system requires that all applications be deployed on the RedHat system. In this way, there are two software usage problems: 1. Database 2. Application intermediate keys.

Our database uses oralce10g

The project team does not have any Oracle-proficient users. It is more difficult to add the liunx operating system. This difficulty has caused two major problems:

A. Encoding problems. First, we use gbk for the database character set, while the National Character Set uses the UTF-8 character set.

I wrote a derivative script to import the data in the local file to the database. After the import, I found that all Chinese characters were garbled and suddenly lost my breath.

Finally, I checked and found that the problem was caused by the database character set. Then I added the following environment variables to the user's environment variables:


B. I modified a data parameter today. I want to restart the database and shut down the database with shutdown immediate after the sys user logs on.

After that, an error is reported when you use its startup. I don't know how to try it for a better day or worse. I finally asked someone for help to know how to set the SID of the database to be started in the environment variable.

Therefore, the following command export ORACLE_SID = sssdb is executed:

Run the following command again:

Start the database with sqlplus

$ ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus/nolog
SQL> connect sys/1as sysdba
SQL> startup
Start the TNS Listener
$ ORACLE_HOME/bin/lsnrctl start

The weblogic10g we used in the Application Middleware is just confused by the second monk.

After checking the internet, you must first create a domain, and then find the config. sh script in $ WEBLOGIC_HOME/wlserver_10.3/common/bin to execute the domain.

Then start. Run startWebLogic. sh in the $ WEBLOGIC_HOME/user_projects/domains/mydomain/bin directory.

The last thing that happens is that the modified file does not take effect. After thinking about this problem when using WebSphere 6.1, use find (find. /-name *) command to find the relevant files, and find a few results to delete all the files, and then re-release the files.

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