Factories without walls-also known as Internet-based traditional enterprises

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Factories without walls-also known as Internet-based traditional enterprises

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Zhang Guoxiang

2014January 1, October 29

In middle September this year, I went to Stanford University, a non-walled university, with an American delegation of entrepreneurs from the founding century. If not, I cannot imagine how to manage a University Without Walls. Similarly, enterprises without network access may not be able to imagine how to manage factories without walls. Of course, the "factories without walls" here refer to management without borders, information transparency, and communication globalization. The birth of the Internet and the application of information technology have turned impossible things into reality. In the past, traditional enterprises have seen incredible things widely used today, such as global procurement, global approval, and global conferences. It is no exaggeration to say that the Internet has changed the traditional enterprise management!

Just last night, I served as a management consultant for a clothing manufacturing and sales company. Their employees pulled me into the company platform. I entered the company platform at two o'clock P.M. am and arrived at AM, their employees' work request, work report, next-day work plan, manager's reply and guidance, including the process design for visiting an important customer, can all be viewed one by one, and puts forward suggestions from the management point of view.

This is not important! At two o'clock P.M., I arrived at the China Unicom College Changling training center. Before eight o'clock P.M., I replied to questions from four consulting companies, including Chengdu, Tianjin, Ningbo, and Xinyang, the content involved includes corporate operation implementation counseling, recruitment notice modification, confirmation of a series of training topics throughout the year, and exchange of guidance on process optimization design and test run. During this period, I spent an hour visiting Changling and remembering the great achievements of Zhu Yi, the ancestor of the Ming Dynasty. You see, if it is not the Internet or a platform, how can I guide multiple enterprises at the same time?

While borderless information platforms such as QQ and Alibaba TradeManager are widely used by enterprises, many enterprises in China still retain outdated terms such as "do not play mobile phones during work hours. When they understood why they did not use advanced tools, they answered with a prompt: We are a traditional company that neither trade nor sell products online. Why should we allow employees to access the Internet during work hours? Many foreign enterprises have long implemented the flexible work system, while many domestic companies that rely on creative work still stipulate that "employees must go to work and punch in on time ". If Chinese enterprises cannot keep up with the times, constantly optimize their processes, and constantly improve their systems, how can they keep up with the times?

There is no distinction between traditional enterprises and modern enterprises in selling products on the Internet today. Are traditional enterprises producing furniture? Tianjin shengsk has sold its products abroad on the Internet, and has also brought internationally renowned furniture brands to the Chinese market. The shengfo Lang international home sales and exhibition center is one of its biggest achievements. Is the faucet a traditional enterprise? Tao Zhengnian, chairman of Zhejiang Hangyang bathroom, told the author that after his son graduated from Zhejiang province, he sold his enterprise products on the Internet, with millions of yuan in the year. The retail industry is a traditional enterprise. When the chairman of Shandong Tai'an Lingyun group decided to try out online sales for some commodities six years ago, it was opposed by most managers. Now Lingyun group has set up its own online sales company.

Even if enterprise products are not sold on the Internet, we still have reason to believe that the Internet will surely change the traditional enterprise management mode and penetrate into all aspects of enterprise management. Because time is life, time is speed, and there is no full use or grasp of time, such an enterprise will be eliminated by rapidly developing enterprises. Let's take the receipt of customer orders as an example. What is the difference between the practices of backward enterprises (that is, processes) and those of advanced enterprises!

Backward enterprises often receive orders through single-line contacts. The customer informs the business personnel of the order requirements, and the business personnel report the orders. The supervisor approves the orders in special cases, and then submits the orders to the production plan personnel in a unified manner, the production planner arranges production again. When there are special requirements for orders, they will discuss the countermeasures with sales personnel, technical personnel, quality personnel, and technical personnel. People reached an agreement after discussing it for half a day. As a result, the business staff and customers were criticized for being in the dark-because of information asymmetry, and no customer was involved in the discussion. What should we do? Let's look at the practices of advanced enterprises.

Advanced enterprises receive customer orders and no longer have single-line contacts. As long as the customer signs a cooperation contract with the enterprise, the customer can join the Enterprise order platform, which can be seen by both internal and external stakeholders of the customer order enterprise, the documentary thinks that there are special requirements. He can take the initiative to consult technical or other competent personnel, and other personnel such as production, process, and quality personnel can discuss any problems with the customer's orders. If there is no problem or no objection is raised, it means that all the stakeholders of the company default customer orders, the merchandiser can confirm the delivery date with the customer, the next thing the company will do is to deliver on time.

The "factories without walls" mentioned by the author are fully embodied in such enterprises! As long as you have a smart phone, you are in any city in the world, as long as you boot, you can participate in this discussion. The production planner or sales merchandiser releases the production progress of the customer's orders at the same time, so that the customer can understand the production progress at any time. Even if exceptions occur, they can communicate with each other at any time. This greatly improves work efficiency!

Just like any enterprise can't do without water and electricity, the future enterprise can't do without the Internet! Traditional enterprises are preparing for a rainy day. It is imperative to introduce or strengthen online communication and network management!

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Factories without walls-also known as Internet-based traditional enterprises

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