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Apple released this month's 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, in addition to upgrading the internal main configuration, but also added a new Force touch trackpad, so there is still a need to disassemble again, let everyone see the new Force touch under the hidden secrets.

If you want to learn about the performance of the new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, you can view our review articles. But if you like to appreciate the unique beauty inside the machine, read down.

The MacBook Pro model to be dismantled is A1502, and the reader of good memory may recall that this model was also the model of the late 2013 MacBook Pro.

The first thing to notice when opening the shell is the layout of the MacBook Pro Touchpad cable. In addition, the internal structure looks similar to the 2013-year MacBook Pro.

I don't know if it's not. Apple is starting to encourage everyone to dismantle the machine, because Apple used to print a warning at the battery label "only for the Apple authorized service provider to dismantle the machine." Warning: May cause a fire or short circuit. Please do not disassemble, smash or close to fire or more than 100 ℃ high temperature. "But now the battery tag is still there, but there's no printing on the text." But here's to remind readers who are going to start to disassemble the MacBook, unlike the Iphone/ipad, which is best handled by professionals.

The Force touch pad is wrapped in one layer, so you have to remove the battery next to it first.

In the past, the battery racks were fixed by four screws, but now it is more convenient to switch to four rubber plugs. But each has the advantage, formerly is uses the screw to fix the battery rack, then the battery uses the adhesive fixed in the motherboard, two layers of reinforcement seemingly reliable many, now does not need to use the screw fixed, does not know is because the battery uses the adhesive to be more firm? No, it's a tiring job to get rid of batteries.

To eliminate large chunks of the battery, you need to first remove the trackpad board, the results found that the electronic board of the trackpad welded on the larger electronic board, so the temporary can not be removed, can only move to one side. But we can see there are two interesting chips on it: ST Microelectronics's microcontroller based 32f103 ARM cortex-m, BCM5976 touch screen controller, also found this part on the IPhone 5s and IPad Air.

The reason why the 2015 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro battery lasted one hour was not only due to lower CPU power, but also subtle improvements in the battery, the new battery has 11.42 V 74.9 Whr, and the 2013 battery is 71.8 WHR, so the electricity The pool energy increased by 4%, plus Broadwell power consumption, thus achieving 11% battery endurance.

See a piece of familiar parts: Texas instrument bq20z451 Monitor, used to measure battery charge.

Finally I can see the interior of the Force touch pad. Apple used 10 screws to fix the trackpad, and the Apple was worried that someone was too hard to get the trackpad unit off? It takes so many screws to fix this large part.

From the parts, Apple's Force touch pad on MacBook Pro is not the same as the Force touch pad on the new MacBook shown on Apple's ipod. As for what is different, can only wait until the new MacBook listed after the dismantling can be compared. However, there is no need to tangle, the new design of the machine will be installed in the old model inside the parts are not exactly the same, at least to consider the problem of space design.

One feature of the Force Touch is taptic Engine, the term used by Apple to describe "tactile feedback," which is simply a tactile feedback element. Apple was first applied to Apple Watch, which was later applied to the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro and the new MacBook, so the 13-inch model was the lucky one to take the lead in adopting the latest technology of the old model. Then take a look at this mysterious taptic Engine.

It's open! From the surface it appears that such a component, like an ancient design, is twisted into four coils by an iron core wire, which is the electromagnet, used to provide vibration feedback. These 4 coils may work independently, and the user can set different vibrational intensities and orientations on the computer, as well as tactile, which means that the user is actually shutting or opening a coil when making these settings.

It was thought that taptic Engine could find clues to some linear actuators, but only a series of electromagnets were seen. These magnets quickly push and pull the metal rails under the trackpad to produce a tiny buzz when clicked. So which component does the touch have? We continue to explore.

The removal of the contact plate bracket requires four rubber gaskets to be cut. When you open it, you can see the pressure sensor.

An Apple patent said last year that Apple could use a "strain gauge" to measure the pressure exerted on the surface. The removed pressure sensor was observed in a microscope, and it was found that there were tiny strains of gauges mounted on a curved metal carrier that could detect the extent of the pressure.

Next look at the flash structure, as found in the 13-inch MacBook Air that was removed last week:

Samsung S4LN058A01 PCIe3.0 x 4 AHCI Flash Controllers

Samsung k4e4e324ed MB LPDDR3 DRAM

8 GB Samsung K9LDGY8S1D-XCK0 Flash (total 128 GB)

Some of the chips on the motherboard are the same as the previous generation:

intel® sr26k Dual-core I5-5257U processor, integrated Intel Iris Graphics 6100

SK Heidelberg H9ccnnnbltalar Lpddr-sdram

Cirrus 4208-CRZ dual channel low power HD audio codec

intel® DSL5520 Thunderbolt 2 controller

Texas Instruments ti58872d

Two Fairchild Semiconductor De46sy

SK Heidelberg H5tc4g63afr4 GB (MB) DDR3 SDRAM

Dezhou Instrument/stellaris Lm4fs1eh SMC Controller

Bo Tong Bcm15700a2, looks like a wireless network chipset

Texas Instruments hd3ss213 DisplayPort Differential switch

Windbond 25064FVIQ

The 95826AHRZ of Ling Li LT3957 and Intersil

Texas Instruments TPS51980 and SMSC emc1704-2

The I/O board does not appear to be changing, but some onboard chips have been replaced:

Parade technology company ps8401a HDMI Jitter Cleaning Repeater

GL3219 SDXC Reader Controller for Creative Technology

PCA95018-bit I/O expansion of en-wise Semiconductor, onboard 2000-bit EEPROM

The new MacBook Pro battery is still hard to disassemble and is sticky, making it more complicated to replace the battery. In addition, to replace the parts of the trackpad also need to remove the battery, so whether to replace the battery or to replace the contact board parts, are not the maintenance staff want to see.

RAM is soldered to the motherboard, so either customize the higher RAM now, or try to replace it later without the opportunity to upgrade. Apple custom based PCIe SSD is still not a standard drive and can only pray for future drives to be compatible.

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