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The 3G Internet card is a widely used internet medium for wireless wide area communication network. At present, China Mobile's TD-SCDMA and China Telecom's CDMA EVDO as well as the WCDMA three network system, so the common wireless card includes EVDO wireless Internet card and TD, WCDMA Wireless Internet card three categories.

What is a 3G Internet card

The 3G Internet card is a widely used internet medium for wireless wide area communication network. At present, China Mobile's TD-SCDMA and China Telecom's CDMA EVDO as well as the WCDMA three network system, so the common wireless card includes EVDO wireless Internet card and TD, WCDMA Wireless Internet card three categories.

China Mobile on April 1, 08 began the 3G business trial commercial, China Telecom's 3G business has also entered the commercial phase this April 3, and the Chinese unicom will not be opened until May 17 3G business. From the starting stage, the most mobile advantages, telecommunications advantages in general, unicom the least advantage.

From the actual situation, mobile in the starting stage has a false start, because from a fair point of view, the real starting line should be "complete all of our provincial capital city 3G signal coverage" time to calculate. In this way, China Telecom completed in April, the fastest speed, the completion of the Chinese unicom in May, the speed of the center, Mobile TD two to be completed in June, the slowest speed. From this we are not difficult to see, three types of Internet card in the starting stage of the leader is actually China Telecom's CDMA-EVDO Internet card.

3G Network Construction situation

China Mobile plans to invest 58.8 billion yuan in 2009, a new TD base station of about 60,000, completion of TD two construction at the end of June, covering all provincial capitals and all supporting the HSDPA function, the end of the year will be in 238 cities to provide 3G services, accounting for more than 70% of the national level of cities, The eastern region of the city will be fully covered. According to China Mobile planning, users want to roam the country to use China Mobile's TD-SCDMA 3G business, to reach the current level of GSM network, need to wait until 2011.

China Unicom 2009-Year plan to invest about 30 billion yuan, and in the first half of this year in 55 provincial capitals and relatively developed cities to provide 3G test commercial services, the end of the service range to 282 cities. According to China Unicom's plan, the 3G network was almost completed in 2010.

China Telecom is more special, because China Telecom operating network can be from the CDMA 1X smooth transition to CDMA2000 ev-do, without large-scale new network, so telecommunications only to the C network upgrade and optimization can be, and at the end of March in 100 large and medium-sized cities to provide 3G services. According to China Telecom's plan, 2009 years will be able to complete the network upgrade work, become the three operators in the first 3G network built operators.

From the pace of network construction, the largest telecommunications advantages, unicom a little behind, mobile need to strengthen the construction, so from the telecom CDMA-EVDO card to win again.

3G Network card Speed comparison

For 3G card, speed is the key to win, speed will be directly related to the user's choice, a look at the three major Internet card speed.

This column more highlights: http://www.bianceng.cn/Network/wxwl/

Mobile TD-SCDMA network card, the highest theoretical speed of 384Kbps, with the 2.5G Era Edge wireless internet card speed the same as 3G card, this speed users will certainly not accept. Fortunately mobile also saw this problem, in the TD-SCDMA two construction introduced HSDPA technology, the highest theoretical speed to 2.2Mbps, can be said to have a qualitative upgrade.

Unicom's WCDMA network card, the highest theoretical speed of 14.4Mbps, three types of Internet cards in the fastest, WCDMA network card has such a high speed is also benefited from the introduction of HSDPA technology. From the experience of foreign countries, WCDMA network card speed can be generally up to 3.6Mbps, has exceeded the domestic 2M ADSL downlink rate.

Telecom's CDMA-EVDO network card, the highest theoretical speed of 3.1Mbps. The current EVDO network card version of Rev A, in order to catch up with the speed of Unicom 14.4Mbps, Telecom has begun to deploy in some large and medium-sized cities faster version B (Rev b), the highest theoretical speed of up to 9.3Mbps, further narrowing the gap with the Unicom.

From the theoretical data, Unicom's WCDMA network card speed advantage is obvious, followed by the CDMA-EVDO of telecommunications network card, the slowest is the mobile TD-HSDPA network card. So what is the effect of the actual application? According to the test, the mobile TD online card actual average downlink rate 60-70kb/s, the actual average uplink rate 30-40kb/s, Unicom's WCDMA network card, the actual average downlink rate 170-180kb/s, the actual average uplink rate 130-150kb/s The EVDO network card of Telecom, the actual average downlink rate 150-170kb/s, the actual average uplink rate 120-130kb/s. Unsurprisingly, Unicom's WCDMA network card is still the fastest, but the range of leading EVDO card is not as big as the theoretical speed gap, mobile TD online card is still disappointing, only half of the first two.

3G User group number comparison

In terms of user groups, China Telecom's users are about 42 million people, the Chinese Unicom's users are 3 times times the telecommunications, about 120 million people, and China Mobile users are more than 3 times times the Unicom, nearly 400 million people. This shows that mobile large user base will bring great support to the mobile. However, the above data are all users, including mobile phones, if only from the network card User group analysis, the results can be greatly different.

As you can see, China Telecom has also absorbed a large number of CDMA wireless Internet card users while acquiring the CDMA business of the former Unicom. From the statistical analysis of wireless Internet card, CDMA card users occupy more than 90% of the total number of wireless Internet card users, leaving less than 10% for GPRS card users. From this we can see that, in the network card user group, the advantages of telecommunications, a lot of old CDMA users also said will continue to use CDMA-EVDO card, so for the FN Unicom's WCDMA network card, to attract users is the urgent task.

3G Future Development Forecast

From the current situation, the only variable is Unicom's WCDMA network card charges, if it's reasonable tariffs to meet the needs of users, then it will dominate the future of the 3G card market. However, Unicom can really give users a satisfactory tariff? I think that is not at all, the most is the tariff is quite just. So who will ultimately lead the future of the 3G card market? The author is most optimistic about the CDMA-EVDO of telecommunications network card, it is the fastest internet coverage, speed and WCDMA are not the same, the most important thing is to rely on CDMA1X wireless network card good performance accumulated a large number of users. Comprehensive view, EVDO network card Advantage Obvious, no obvious weakness, if the telecom can reduce some tariffs, then I dare to conclude that the CDMA-EVDO card will be the last winner.

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