A list of API technologies that developers should know!

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English Original: Api-driven development

As a developer, it is true that writing code is as brush as a writer's pen, but I also feel that removing the code is a good thing. Why is it? Because when it comes to deleting, it means finding out where the interference is, means finding redundant code, or even finding a way to achieve the same functionality with less code. Fewer code means less chance of error.

My point is: Take advantage of third-party APIs to reduce your code workload and minimize the probability of errors. Only in this way can we focus more on the core development work or business logic thinking.

  I'm They're not as smart as they think.


A programmer who is good at reading and thinking must be an outstanding programmer, such as you who are browsing this article. But no matter how good we are, an unavoidable fact is that the code we write can never be a zero error.

The most reasonable time to use, not for each project is repeated construction, according to gourd painting scoop. A better time allocation is the ability to continue to create more amazing applications and keep innovating.

If you want to add log functionality to your app, Loggly can save us about three years of development time, and if you want to add user management and authentication modules to your app, Stormpath is perfect enough. If you are still not satisfied, or feel that you are the best, then we must pay extra time, money, technology, but also to take into account maintenance, security, hosting and other issues.

So, if there are a bunch of technology ready to be available for us to pave the way forward, why should we keep away from the rope? Making the best use of API services for effective integration is a smart choice.

  Efficiency first


Don't waste your time on unnecessary links. Our goal is to create the best applications for our customers, not to wait around the computer for a 7x24 hour, and to focus on every detail of the program's operations.

Besides, are our competitors going to build non-core program components on their own? In the face of intense competition, we must allocate resources fully and rationally so that we can walk as far as possible before our opponents.

  Tools and Solutions

The following authors have compiled a list of API services, hoping to make your development process easier and, on the other hand, to save you time, effort and effort.

  Certification/Authorization ( Authentication/authorization)

    • stormpath- The application of the user management of the part of the rest assured that it is good, its functions include: Securely store user information, administrative user rights, fast mailbox verification and password reset.

  Analysis ( Analytics)

    • Keen.io the perfect way to perform custom analysis.


    • CloudFlare equipped with CDN and DDoS attack protection features!
    • fastly amazing CDN API with fast speed and high customization freedom.


    • Intercom easy to use and comprehensive in function.

  Instrument panel (Dashboards)

    • Ducksboard - Beautiful interface, direct and efficient API, easy to access the project data.
    • Leftronic Similarly beautifully designed, the individual thinks it is better for geo-information support.


    • Bonsai Use the powerful RESTful search engine ElasticSearch.
    • Heroku Postgres the best PostgreSQL hosting service.
    • MONGOHQ personal favorite MongoDB database provider.
    • Openredis I'll always use a Redis service provider that never loses data and has a strong ability to scale.


    • Heroku a good hosting company.
    • Flynn built on top of Docker, Heroku's strong competitor.


    • Sendgrid sending mail through the API is straightforward.


    • Loggly Easy-to-use Log management tool.


    • New Relic If you ever miss it, you'll find how sorry it is. It can provide rich performance/monitoring information.
    • RunScope a very useful debugging and monitoring API service.


    • Stripe Excellent credit card related transaction processor.
    • Coinbase The best Bitcoin trading service provider.

  Real-time processing

    • Firebase Powerful real-time data storage and synchronization APIs.
    • Pusher make Web socket communication simple.


    • Amazon S3 Several non-rival file storage and file stream service APIs.


    • OpenCNAM Smart call display and recognition.
    • Twilio Easy-to-use phone and SMS platforms.


    • Travis CI unit and comprehensive testing services are available, including service levels for public free and special charges.

  Written in the last

Creating a star-grade product is no easy feat, and by leveraging API services, we may be able to dramatically increase productivity and have more time to think about core business logic.

A list of API technologies that developers should know!

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