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Specifically, brew consists of four parts: brew distribution system, brew execution environment, BREW application development kit, and various brew applications.

Brew's distribution system (BDS) provides a shortcut for operators to distribute and sell brew applications to consumers. BDS is a breakthrough technology that allows end users to download applications and related content wirelessly using mobile phones or other wireless devices. BDS provides a virtual market mechanism for wireless application submission and pricing negotiation. SP/CP can be returned based on the number and frequency of applications purchased by the user. To ensure secure download of brew applications, an independent test process named true brew ensures that the applications provided by developers run securely and stably on mobile terminals and are compatible with the corresponding BREW Platform. Mobile phone terminals supporting brew can only run applications that are digitally signed by developers or carriers. Some carriers only provide true for mobile phone users.
Brew testing application.

Brew's application execution environment (aee) is a sophisticated software interface layer that ensures that developed applications can run in a variety of devices in a consistent manner (Figure 4-4 ). Device vendors integrate it into their respective software to support brew
API and runtime environment. When an application execution environment is provided for a new terminal device, the device manufacturer only needs to port the application execution environment (aee). Compared with the traditional work that requires porting all applications of each terminal one by one, the workload of porting aee is cool!

Because the RAM (random memory) and flash memory occupied by aee are extremely small, brew can not only make the high-end models icing on the cake, but also play a role in the low-end models. Aee
Shield applications from the cell phone chip layer. In addition to providing brew API services to applications, aee also manages application execution and responds to users and emergencies in a timely manner, such as incoming calls and text messages. However, aee does not manage user interfaces other than brew applications. For non-brew applications running on the same device, aee no longer works.

BREW application development kit (SDK) greatly simplifies the difficulty of developing wireless applications in C, C ++ and other languages. Brew APIs are organized in a group of interface classes, each class defines a group of functions that provide a specific service. Some services such as Event Notifications, menus, dialogs, and other graphical user interfaces and Internet communication are standard configurations in modern programming environments. Some interface classes display some features in the wireless environment, such as Address Book, ringing library, and positioning information. Therefore, brew
API allows developers to develop value-added mobile services without having to understand the internal mechanism of devices. Developers familiar with the event-driven graphic interface environment will find brew
API is easy to learn and use. Event processing, menus, dialogs, resources, editing, and file-based long-term storage and record-oriented databases are standard concepts in brew.


In addition, the Windows-based simulated environment allows developers who are familiar with Windows applications to easily use visual
C ++ or. NET to develop brew applications. The Brew API is applicable to multiple devices. programs written using the brew API can be easily transplanted from a wireless device to other wireless devices. Although different devices may need to fine-tune the program due to different Display sizes, but there are many such minor adjustments in brew
The simulator can be easily tested. In the past, if developers wanted to run their programs on a variety of wireless devices, they had to repeatedly port the code one by one, and they had to be familiar with all the details of the running environment of various devices. Brew
API supports extended applications. device manufacturers, operators, and developers can write their own extended applications to expand brew functions. These extensions can be players and browsers supporting other multimedia formats, Java virtual machines, and other modules required by device vendors, operators, and developers.

Various Applications are specific forms presented by brew to end users. By making it easier for consumers to download applications wirelessly, brew provides wireless users with personalized services like customized PCs. The computer and operating system of each user can be the same, but the desktop applications of personal computers may differ widely. Similarly, brew can make every market segment (or even every user) you can choose the applications you want most and install them on your mobile phone. These brew-based applications provide more practical and shocking content, functions, and services. Personalized services cover brew-based mobile value-added services and user interaction methods, as well as design, production and product sales.

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