Business database development on-line Process v1.0

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XX Business Database development on-line process v1.0

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This article defines the database-related processes involved in the development of the launch of the business, directs the business personnel to complete the database online work efficiently, and finally ensure the quality of the line is controllable.

0x01Scope of application

Personnel: All research and development personnel, operations and maintenance personnel
Database: Business all MySQL database

0x02 Process description

The process content includes:
Database Request --feature development --- features and performance testing-- Submit audits -- ---> online changes --- verification --- end of line

1. Database Service Request

Process Responsible Person : Business Developer

self-built mysql new cluster application

main activities: self-built new cluster involves new server application, need at least 1 months in advance communication and application with Operation interface person

application route: After the program is confirmed, the developer submits the application ticket.

managed Databases New Instance request

Main activities: hosting a new instance of the database related to other department resources, business needs a week in advance to communicate with the maintenance students

application path:
Application Template:
1. Business Name
2. Requirements background
3. Estimated Capacity Size
4. Data cleansing Rules
5. Main interface Personnel
6. Instance name and character encoding (default UTF8)

  new library, table request and description

main activity: New library table creation request
Application path : After confirming the DB server information, submit a ticket request.
Application Template:
1. Database IP and Port
2. Business name and requirement background
3. Library table Information Brief description

2. Database function Development

Process Responsible Personnel : Business Development Staff

Main activities: Business Development must be done in the development or test environment database to complete the SQL Script Functional development, the Library table field name as far as possible to see the name, add the necessary notes information.

3.Functional and performance testing

Process Responsible Personnel : Business development and testing staff

main activity: SQL scripts must perform functional and performance tests in the test environment database, creating the necessary indexes for fields that may be queried frequently.

4. Submit a database change request

Process Responsible Personnel : Business development and testing staff

Main activities:
Business launch involving database SQL after the test environment function and performance test passed, the developer in the work order system to carry out the bill of lading, the database release operation application.
Temporary database SQL requirements, involving more than millions of record table bulk data read-only (select) queries, require the developer internal double check and inform the OPS personnel, no need to submit the application form.
Related to the requirements of data change, need to submit change requirements, follow the database change process.

application path:

Library table structure modification needs to be one day ahead or select a small number of visits, all put on the line when processing, will affect the on-line process.
Commit the change statement.

5.operation and Maintenance audit

Process Responsible Personnel : Business operation and maintenance personnel

Main activities: operation and maintenance personnel received a database change work order, the first time the change of the content of the audit, audit through can cooperate with the change operation, audit does not pass the need to call back to make content modification, re-bill of lading.
Operation and maintenance audit phase, operators need to pay attention to the name of the table is reasonable, whether it can determine the meaning and purpose of the tables according to their names:
1.sql syntax If there is an error
2. Whether the table creates a primary key, or whether to create an index
Whether the conditions for modifying data such as 3.update,delete are reasonable
4. Whether the operation permissions of the account request are necessary, such as Drop,alter,delete permissions.
5.insert,update,alter The statement is reasonable, for a table table structure modification operation is completed in a statement, the data update and delete whether there is a where to judge the condition.

6.Online Change

Process Responsible Personnel : Business operation and maintenance personnel

A SQL command or file that requires an online application to explicitly specify the database and table of operations and the encoding.


Process Responsible Personnel : All people involved in the process

Main activities: operation and maintenance of the line after the change is completed by the operation and maintenance personnel for preliminary confirmation by the development, testing personnel to make two changes to confirm.

8.End of Line

Process Responsible Personnel : Operational operations and demand initiators

Main activities: after the change confirmation passed, operation and maintenance personnel statement operations, the requirements of the sponsor informed the bill of lading people This database function on-line process ended.

0x03 handling of violation of process behavior
1. Violation of process behavior:

1. Changes not followed by the process
2. Change of non-authorized behavior

2. Violation of process behavior penalties:

The QA recording process deviates from the non-impact of database development on-line process behavior.

For the violation of the database development on-line process behavior and cause a certain impact, the record line problem sheet and continuous tracking.

In violation of the database development on- line process behavior and cause significant impact, in accordance with the company BG and department related penalties.

0x04revision and Release

1. Revision

Draft and revise the database-on-line process by communicating with the business party personnel.

2. Release

After revising the content of the process, post the latest content and change the content email to inform all the developers.


Business function changes involve SQL:
1. The SQL statements in the business are controlled by the development and testing staff during the development testing phase, this article does not involve the relevant process.
2. Core business System major version changes, documentation needs to include database design notification to operations personnel
2. Change SQL needs to be submitted to the OPS staff to confirm the change time and audit content at the end of the test.

Description of the possible cropping

1. There is no need to request a link to a database configuration
2. Development testing can be carried out at the same time when the business progress is more tense
3. Audit and change links can be combined in operation
4. The scope of the change is small, the data is not verified through, no external notification.
5. Non-core DB partial operation, according to the urgency of the first operation after the replenishment process.

Business database development on-line Process v1.0

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